Support Advisories

Monetra 8.17.0 Available (High Priority Security Fixes)

SpeedLine 7.3 R403 is Now Available (Monetra Security Fix)

Monetra 8.16.2 Available (Medium Priority Security Fix)

SpeedLine 7.3 Release 402 Available Now

Monetra 8.16.1 Available (High Priority Fixes)

SpeedLine 7.3 R305 is Now Available

Monetra 8.16.0 Available (Security Fix)

SpeedLine 7.3 R304 is Now Available

SpeedLine 7.3 Release 300 Available Now

Microsoft Ends Support for Windows Embedded Standard 7

Windows 10 Version 2004 Incompatibility

Monetra 8.14.1 Release is available. (Security Fixes)

Pay@ the Door: Now With a Low Cost Mobile Card Reader

New Features in SpeedLine! 7.3 R204 is Now Available!

SpeedLine 7.3 Release 204 Available Now

New! Premiere Support Services

Monetra 8.14.0 Release is available. (Security Fixes)

Changes to SpeedDine for COVID-19

Monetra 8.13.0 Release is available (Security Fix)

Important Notice for Worldpay Datacap/MercuryPay Customers

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and SpeedLine

Monetra 8.11.1 Release is available.

Power Outage Planning

Monetra 8.11.0 Available - Security Fixes Included

Introducing the New SpeedDine Ordering App

SpeedLine 7.3 Release 112 now available

SonicWall Security Vulnerability Requires Patching - PCI Affecting

New Features in SpeedDine

SpeedLine 7.3 Release 110 now available

"BlueKeep" Vulnerability in Earlier Windows Versions

Beware of Fraudulent Requests to Change Card Processing

Monetra EMV Tip Prompt Changes

SpeedLine 7.3 Release 107 now available

Monetra Support for Uniterm 8 is Ending (Security Update)

SpeedLine 7.3 Release 104 now available (Security Fixes)

SpeedLine 7.3 Release 103 Available Now (Security Fixes)

Monetra 8.9.2 Available - Security Fixes Included

Customer Support Call Center Periodic Outages

Customer Support Call Center Service Restored

Customer Support Call Center Outage

Customer Support Call Center Service Restored

Customer Support Call Center Outage

Support for New UnionPay Credit Card BIN Range

Regarding Vantiv WorldPay Notice to Discover-Accepting Merchants

SpeedLine internet, email and phone services have now been restored

Customer Support Call Center Outage

Now Use Android Devices with Pay@ the Door

SpeedLine 7.3 Release 15 available now

Monetra 8.8.0 Available

SpeedLine 7.3 Release 13 available now

SpeedLine 7.3 Release 12 available now

New Integration: BeerBoard SmartBar

Reminder: SpeedLine Office Move and Phone System Upgrade This Weekend

Planning for a SpeedLine Office Move and Phone System Upgrade September 28-30

Storm Preparations: Checklist

SpeedLine 7.3 Release 10 available now (Security Fixes)

SpeedLine 7.3 Release 8 available now

SpeedLine 7.3 R6 Available Now

Are You Running a Very Old Version of Monetra?

[Update] Recurring Issues with Windows Updates Issues?

Recurring Issues with Windows Updates Issues?

Prevent Continuous Restarts Caused by Windows Updates

Monetra 8.7.1 available

SpeedLine 7.3 - New Release for LiveMaps, SpeedDine, Pay@ the Door

High Call Volumes in Support

SpeedLine 7.2 R802 Available Now

Monetra 8.7.0 Available (Security Fix)

PCI Compliance Notice Regarding SpeedWeb and Apache Server

Introducing Pay@ the Door

Introducing SpeedDine Online Ordering

SpeedLine 7.2 R801 Available Now

SpeedWeb Users - Read Before You Upgrade to 7.2 R800+

SpeedLine 7.2 Release 800 is available now

SpeedLine 7.2 Release 703 is available now

Monetra 8.6.5 is Available (Security Fix)

SpeedLine 7.2 Release 702 is available

Monetra 8.6.3 Released.

Ubiquiti Access Point Patch for WPA2 Vulnerability

SpeedLine 7.2 Release 605 Released

Monetra 8.6.1 released

Disaster Preparedness Checklist

LiveMaps and SpeedWeb Users: Still running an older version of SpeedLine?

PCI Security Update - SpeedLine 7.2 Release 603 is available.

SpeedLine 7.2 Release 602 is available.

SpeedLine 7.2 Release 601 is available.

Monetra 8.5.1

SpeedLine 7.2 Release 509 is available.

New Monetra 8.5.0 Security Release

SpeedLine 7.2 Release 507 is available.

The Threat of Ransomware

SpeedLine 7.2 Release 414 is now available

SpeedLine 7.2 Release 415 is now available