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SpeedLine 7.3 Release 103 Available Now (Security Fixes)

Posted by SpeedLine Support on Mar 27, 2019 10:57:58 AM

SpeedLine 7.3 Release 103 is available today. This release is PCI affecting for SpeedDine customers.

  • For SpeedDine customers only: This release will upgrade OpenSSL to the latest security release 1.0.2r to fix security vulnerabilities.
    • All SpeedDine customers should upgrade within 30 days of this release to ensure they have the most recent security fixes.
    • PCI Requirement 6.2 states: Ensure that all system components and software are protected from known vulnerabilities by installing applicable vendor-supplied security patches. Install critical security patches within one month of release.

    • For more information about PCI, please go to
  • For all other customers: This release contains no security fixes for non-SpeedDine customers. Customers are still encouraged to upgrade to take advantage of new features, enhancements, and fixes, but it is not required. See What's New in SpeedLine v7.3 Updates for a summary of what's included.


Release Notes

#19638 New: Added new EmailOptIn and EmailOptInDate fields to the Customer Export.
#19688  Fixed: Menu Selections with a quantity would be reported as single items in Ticket Activity and EventStream when combined with certain coupons.
#19707 New: The SpeedLine upgrade installer will also upgrade OpenSSL, if found.
#19614 Enhanced: The Pay@ the Door setup QR code now includes Store and Forward values.
#19660 New: Improved detection of Pay@ the Door payments on driver return.
#19693 Changed: OpenSSL updated to 1.0.2r. – Security fix for SpeedDine Customers Only
#10498 Enhanced: Improved expected payment interactions when converting to payments.
#19039 Fixed: Gift card errors when Punchh loyalty was selected but deactivated.
#19527 Changed: AuthComplete of orders with Express credit card preauthorizations is now done on bank close or tip adjustment.
#19555 Fixed: Corrected issues with date selection in the SpeedLink Weekly Store Summary report.
#19615 New: Ability to control frequency of SpeedDine SQS network outage messages in Terminal.
#19628 New: Coupons can now be set for in store use only.
#19635 Fixed: Connect Service would not reconnect to SpeedDine after an Internet outage occurred.
#1057 New: Buttons below ticket display to duplicate or add one to existing menu selections, e.g., another round of drinks.
#1547 Changed: Order Credits can optionally be set to discount Order Charges.
#3984 Enhanced: Deferred Ticket Required Times can now be displayed on KDS/CSK screens.
#6756 Enhanced: The Customer Sales Detail report now includes coupons and discounts.
#7660 New: Track whether a customer has chosen to receive promotional emails.
#11322 Enhanced: The Time Clock now accepts a driver odometer difference of 0 without an override.
#12178  Enhanced:  Password Maintenance now also uses Store Manager's Stations list to prepopulate the list of machines to update.
#12672 Enhanced: Customer Heat Maps are now much faster, and will now display with gradient values instead of a grid system.
#12906 Fixed: HBRestore was not creating some necessary folders if they were empty.
#13006 Changed: Improved Store Manager messages when LiveMaps cannot map the store address.
#14410 New: Setting to allow a choice of either preauth or tokenization of credit cards for deferred tickets.
#15872 Changed: Improved the tender prompts during Gift Card purchase and add value.
#16276 Fixed: Clock-outs by Time Clock Edit were not updating the distance driven by drivers when set to record distances.
#16729 Enhanced: Added the Zip code to delivery addresses in Driver Dispatch emails.
#16970 Fixed: Multiple quantities of the same menu selection would sometimes not combine when printing.
#17973 Changed: Rearranged the order of the account names on the Advanced screen in SL Password Maintenance.
#17982 Enhanced: The prompt to upgrade SpeedLine now or later has been improved.
#18327  Fixed:  A misconfiguration could occur with credit card Tender Types being set to a Card Type of None, which would disable card integration for payments using that credit card.
#18444 Fixed: The Assign to Table that occurs at ticket close was counted as an Edit After Close in the Notable Activity section of the Day Report.
#18575 Fixed: Punchh Loyalty was being incorrectly applied at Server Assign instead of at Tender.
#18693  Fixed:  Corrected an issue where changes to Alternate Pay Rates on Jobs were not always being saved when switching between jobs.
#18953 Fixed: The Account Report for closed days would not show who opened the bank.
#19134 Enhanced: Delivery tickets will use their Pay@ the Door timestamps as their delivered time, if available.
#19264  Enhanced:  Taxes can be grouped with a customized name on the printed receipt, instead of being listed separately or in a group called "Tax."
#19491 Fixed: Driver dispatch email prompt appeared on ticket re-assign, even when driver email setting was disabled.
#19492 New: Delivery charge amount can now be edited on the ticket.
#19498 New: Optional restricted user access mode in Menu Designer that allows creation of coupons by franchisees.
#19507 Fixed: The SpeedLine folder was not being backed up on minor version and branch upgrades.
#19511  New:  Clear All button added to Terminal on Full Review and menu panels, the latter just below the Clear button so some panels may need manual adjustment.
#19520  Fixed:  Corrected an issue when Size Substitution coupons were used in conjunction with another coupon on an online order.
#19525 Changed: U. are U. Fingerprint sensor drivers updated to version 3.
#19545 New: Additional triPOS configuration controls in Store Manager.
#19551 Changed: The Store Manager Help file indicates that fingerprint data is securely deleted when employees are terminated.
#19553  New: HASP drivers are no longer supported on Windows XP and POSReady 2009 due to incompatibilities and security vulnerabilities.
#19554 Fixed: An issue that caused the Hourly Forecasting to display zero for dates after August 26, 2018.
#19571 Enhanced: Pay@ the Door Credit Card Slips can now be reprinted.
#19629 Enhanced: Geocode values can now be sent in DeliveryDetails requests, in addition to addresses.

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