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SpeedLine 7.3 R300 Series: Included in the Latest Release

SpeedDine and Punchh Customers 

The SpeedLine 7.3 R300 release contains important updates for customers who use Punchh loyalty or SpeedDine online ordering. Punchh has made a change to their integration, and to avoid disruption of service.

  • Punchh customers must upgrade by Nov. 20, 2020.
  • SpeedDine customers should upgrade by Dec. 9, 2020.
Under the Hood
  • A development tool upgrade means fewer upgrades, less dependency on external tools, and the latest technology for development of new features.
Tracking and Efficiency
  • Caller ID log: log incoming calls for the day, so you can return a call that was missed while you were unable to answer the phone.
  • Deferred ticket prices and coupons based on required time, rather than entry time.
  • Search for tickets by last four digits of Payment Card number: find orders and investigate chargebacks more easily.
  • More printing options for make ticket highlighting, labels, and authorization slips.
  • Email customer receipts from previous days.
  • Save Terminal employee messages to read later.
  • Track orders from 3rd-party sources (both integrated and non-integrated).
Expanded Support for SpeedDine 
  • Use a new "Advertised Price" field in Menu Designer coupons to show a custom price or price range on meal deal menu cards, instead of a fixed base price.
  • Set an alternate opening time for SpeedDine from Store Manager.
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For more details about this release, see 
What's New in SpeedLine v7.3 R300, and the v7.3 Release Notes.

To see a full list of previous releases and the highlight features of each, visit the Customer Support site Upgrades page.

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