SpeedDine® delivers fast, convenient, and affordable online ordering for restaurants with SpeedLine® point of sale.


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Mobile phone displaying an online ordering site, beside a pizza.

A phone with a SpeedDine online ordering site showing on the screen

Mobile First

SpeedDine is an online ordering product for SpeedLine POS. Built on leading cloud technology, you will experience virtually no maintenance downtime—your website always works—even when order volume peaks.

SpeedDine offers the fast and reliable online experience your customers have come to expect. 

Whether customers order from their phone, tablet, computer, or your branded mobile app, they get the same easy, responsive, mobile-friendly brand experience, including:

  • Simple order flow
  • Upselling prompts
  • Accurate pricing that always matches the store
  • Location map and hours for pickups
  • Current quoted times
  • Dispatch messages

Speedy Tip
The average US consumer spends 5 hours a day on mobile devices. If your takeout or delivery menu isn’t within arm’s reach, someone else’s is. 

Designed for Pizza

Handle Complex Orders

Designed to optimize the user experience, SpeedDine’s online ordering guides customers smoothly through the order and checkout process, and increases order value with package deals and upselling prompts. Since SpeedLine POS was designed for pizza and “create-your-own” orders, it’s flexible enough to handle even the most complex orders, and is smart enough to charge for them.

Live Pricing Updates 

Live updates ensure online pricing, out of stock items, and coupons always match the point of sale at the store, so there are no discrepancies to cause confusion during pickup or delivery.

A POS terminal displaying a half-and-half pizza order.

A phone showing the SpeedDine online ordering site and a POS terminal showing the same order of the screen

Fully Integrated With Your Point of Sale

SpeedDine: Reliable Online Ordering

If you’re looking for an online ordering solution, SpeedDine has you covered. Because your online ordering site is a core part of SpeedLine, you’ll spend less time on maintenance with SpeedDine, and gain new capabilities with each new release.

Choose the Best Online Ordering Platform for You

While SpeedDine is the best choice for most SpeedLine users, it is far from the only option. As an open architecture point of sale platform, SpeedLine supports unlimited online ordering alternatives. SpeedLine Connect™ allows you to integrate with the web and mobile ordering service of your choice and accept orders into your SpeedLine system.

A pizza delivery driver holding food while standing on a phone, with a pizza restaurant in the background

Online Ordering Site Software

8 Must-Have Features


SpeedDine Grows with Your Business

SpeedDine provides an affordable online ordering service that lets you keep more of your increasing online revenue. Rather than charging more as your volume increases, SpeedDine offers unlimited transactions for a low monthly fee. The savings scale: as your online sales increase, you pay less per order.

Pizza delivery drivers carrying boxes of pizza represent the scalability of the online ordering site.

Speedy Tip
When guests order online, they feel less pressure and take their time selecting mains and add-ons. SpeedLine customers have reported that online orders are up to 40% larger than orders taken over the phone.

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A credit card to illustrate PCI Compliance.

Secure and PCI Compliant

Whether you use SpeedDine or SpeedLine Connect, your customers’ personal payment information is encrypted for secure online transactions.

Like every component of the SpeedLine software line, SpeedLine Connect is PA-DSS validated for PCI compliance. SpeedDine uses tokenized payment information to minimize your restaurant’s PCI scope and risk.

Payment processing for SpeedDine is available in both the United States and Canada.

Pizza Point of Sale: Finding the Right Fit

Download the Guide Pizza POS Finding the Right Fit 2020

SpeedDine App

The SpeedDine mobile app puts your brand in front of customers every time they pick up their phone. You’ll be able to give hungry customers the same streamlined ordering experience they get on your SpeedDine website, but without searching.

Customized to Your Brand

SpeedDine Mobile Apps are hybrid applications hosted directly on iOS and Android devices. Customize your ordering app to be an extension of your brand and control the online experience for your customers. Your branded online ordering app will be available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Connected to Your Store

Similar to the SpeedDine online ordering sites, each SpeedDine App pulls all pricing and tax information from the point of sale terminal in the store, so it’s always accurate.

Apple and Android logos to illustrate the SpeedDine App



Know what you’re selling online. With the SpeedLine Connect Sales Summary report in SpeedLine Store Manager™, you can view net online sales and the average online order size from all your remote ordering sources.

SpeedLine Connect also provides tools for multi-unit restaurant groups and third-party companies to develop and integrate real-time executive dashboards.

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