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Your decision to purchase SpeedLine isn’t the end of our relationship. It’s just the beginning.

SpeedLine provides a range of services to help you use your SpeedLine POS effectively.


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“When I pick up the phone and call, it’s real people that answer. It’s not a machine and I get to talk to someone who is knowledgeable and very helpful. We really feel like we’ve found a partner who is there to help us grow our business for the long-term rather than just a vendor who is there to sell us a widget.”

Jeremy Cave, Dion's Pizza

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Sustained Customer Satisfaction With SpeedLine Support

Thousands of customer feedback surveys equate to 98% overall customer satisfaction for SpeedLine’s Customer Service experiences.

We’ll answer your questions and take care of any problems you may have with the system quickly—so you can take care of your customers.

A standard SpeedLine Support subscription includes unlimited support and upgrades for the cost of the software upgrades alone. That’s great value!

Have your own IT staff? Second Level Support may be a cost-effective option. We train and certify your IT staff to field support calls from your stores. SpeedLine provides full support to your certified trainer, but no direct support to the stores.

Secure Remote Support

Certified support technicians use SpeedLine LiveAssist to connect with your POS stations remotely for live troubleshooting or training.

SpeedLine LiveAssist establishes a secure, encrypted connection between the SpeedLine POS network in your store and SpeedLine Support, so technicians are able to take control of the POS screen, transfer files, and solve technical issues.

LiveAssist keeps your POS network secure. It is fully compliant with PCI DSS requirements: you initiate the connection from the store, and once you end the session, SpeedLine no longer has access to your computer. And no third party ever has access.

The LiveAssist connection between the restaurant and our support team

An installer working on the computer terminal for the POS

Professional Installation and Training

Training is vital to your successful new POS install. You will get more from your restaurant point of sale system—and recover your investment faster—if you know how to use it well.

That’s why SpeedLine provides the most intensive installation and training options in the industry. Certified SpeedLine trainers are a key part of this process. They are computer experts with direct restaurant experience, so they understand how to apply SpeedLine to make your restaurant operate more efficiently. 

We don’t forget about you after we set up your POS. SpeedLine does much more than provide POS software and hardware. We dedicate ourselves to create lasting relationships that support you and your business. That is why we will always check up on you after we set up your POS system. Your comfort level and happiness with our product takes priority.

QIR Certified with the PCI Security Standards Council


SpeedLine installation & training specialists are also QIR-certified, as required by Visa, MasterCard, and the PCI Data Security Council for payment-integrated point of sale installations. SpeedLine specialists undergo special training by the PCI Security Standards Council to handle critical security controls during installation. This special focus on security significantly reduces your merchant risk and will decrease common forms of payment data breaches—meaning you can rest easy knowing your payment security is being professionally handled by a QIR-certified specialist.

Customer Support Website

Whether you want to train staff, prepare for your upcoming installation, get how-to information from the knowledge base, buy supplies, or share tips on the forums, the Customer Support site is for you.

Get the help and resources you need online, from anywhere:

  • Training tutorials and videos.
  • Information and downloadable documents for your new install.
  • Support advisories on critical updates.
  • A searchable knowledge base for troubleshooting help.
  • The latest user guides and online help.
  • Archived newsletters.
  • Forms to request support or new features.
  • Purchase hardware & software on the web store.

SpeedLine customer? Visit the support site to register or log in.


“With everyone that we talk to, there hasn’t been one person that has been rude to us. And they call us back whenever need them to. You guys are awesome.”

Frank Prainito, Jet's Pizza

SpeedLine LiveMaps

"SpeedLine worked flawlessly as usual. Nine stations, 440 orders, 1600 pizzas and sides. And with LiveMaps, we had 2 new drivers deliver the whole night without any management intervention."

David Kenney
Pizza Pirates


Premiere Support Services

SpeedLine now offers Premiere Support Services to manage menu changes and upgrades for you. This service includes one hour of menu changes per month for each store operating SpeedLine and/or SpeedDine. In addition to the one hour of menu change management, required upgrades will be completed for you by SpeedLine Support, so you can feel confident knowing all security and product functionality requirements are up to date.

Not sure which support option is best for your business? We can provide support call reporting for your restaurant locations to help you understand your support usage and training needs. With this information in hand, you can choose the SpeedLine support option that best suits your requirements and budget.

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A restaurant owner with an idea about coupons, and a support team member updating the menu

Multiple restaurants with their reports

Store Management Service

Are you part of a large restaurant management group with no time or aptitude for managing your POS settings and menu changes? Leave the POS settings and menu changes to us, and concentrate on your core business. The SpeedLine Store Management program provides full-service menu management and POS system administration.

Store Management services include:

  • Menu changes
  • Changes to system settings
  • Password updates
  • Inventory setup and maintenance of recipes and stock items
  • Weekly reporting of system changes

Optional additional services:

  • SpeedLink Enterprise setup and hosting
  • Online ordering menu management

Minimize Installation and Support Costs

SpeedLine Certified Technician Program: For multi-unit restaurant companies, certifying one or more installers in-house can help minimize the cost of a POS rollout. The SpeedLine Certified Technician Program can save you money, and give you new flexibility in scheduling POS installations and training.

Common Menu & Configuration: Standardizing all locations (or all locations in a region) on a common menu and kitchen display system setup may make it possible to reduce the number of on-site days required for training and menu adjustments.

Shared Training: Staff from several locations in one area may be trained at a central location, reducing the overall cost. Even if training is handled separately at each location, timing several installations in the same area will reduce associated travel costs and lower the overall cost for each of the restaurants.

Two people with questions about our support program

Customer Feedback Program

We listen. Customer suggestions and feedback help shape the future of SpeedLine. As the needs of the restaurant industry shift and change, we want to grow with those changes. That is why we have implemented thousands of customer suggestions in our software releases. We never want to lose a great idea, so every entry is reviewed by our Development team and prioritized for immediate attention or for inclusion in a future release.

We are always looking for feedback on your installation experience, support experiences, product quality, and on any other experiences you have with SpeedLine.

It was your business needs that created us, and it is your feedback that will allow us to remain the leader in pizza POS.


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