Case Studies

The success of your POS rollout starts with choosing the right tools. To help you make the right decision, take a look at the case studies from some of our customers who've had successful SpeedLine POS implementations.


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An illustration of the SpeedLine POS terminal

Spinato's Pizza: Todd Vierra

Spinato's Pizza

Krazy Karl's Pizza: inside the restaurant

Krazy Karl's Pizza

Red's Savoy logo on their front door

Red's Savoy Pizza

Ramon Collado with Mamas Pizza & Grill

Mama's Pizza & Grill

Woodstock's Pizza staff members making pizza

Woodstock's Pizza

Pizza Factory menu

Pizza Factory

NYPD Pizza Hunters Creek

NYPD Pizza

Nancy's Pizza logo on their door

Nancy's Pizza

Pasta Mia Pizzeria

Pasta Mia

The front of Previti Pizza in Midtown Manhattan

Previti Pizza

Supremo's Pizzeria front counter with point of sale

Supremo's Pizzeria

Pizza Pirates front of the building

Pizza Pirates

Pizza Point of Sale: Finding the Right Fit

Download the Guide Pizza POS Finding the Right Fit 2020