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Fast and Friendly Service is the Key to High Volume at Previti Pizza

Downtown Manhattan is always in a rush. New Yorkers are used to the fast-paced lifestyle, and they expect fast service. What they don’t expect is fast, friendly service, which is exactly what they get at Previti Pizza’s Manhattan location.

Previti Pizza offers up a quality, quick slice with top notch customer service, and owner Kevin Wade says his SpeedLine POS helps make that possible.

Wade praises the user-friendliness of his point of sale system, and says it is key to providing great customer service: “My cashiers can hold an entire conversation while taking an order, and look people in the eye when they talk to them,” he says. “I’ve trained many cashiers and they are able to pick it up within an hour and be on the cash helping.”

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“My cashiers can hold an entire conversation while taking an order, and look people in the eye when they talk to them.”

- Kevin Wade, owner of Previti Pizza

For orders in store, Previti Pizza uses a number system. Customers walk up to the cash and pay, and then come forward to collect their order when their number is called.

With 150-200 customers every hour, a numbering system only makes sense. But Wade tries to make this process not only fast, but personal, and uses his POS to make it happen: “I like that you can add notes to the order,” he says. "When possible, we add the names in place of a number. I train my staff to learn a name a day. We see the same people all of the time, so it’s important to get to know them.”

Most of Previti Pizza’s delivery orders are for nearby high rises, many of them to business offices. To make it convenient for his business customers, Wade uses House Accounts in the point of sale system to track all catering and delivery orders, and then invoices them at the end of the month.

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For catering orders, touching a Catering button on the POS menu panel adjusts all the pricing automatically to account for higher catering costs.

Wade prides himself on his restaurants’ quality food and friendly service, something many busy New York restaurants have difficulty accomplishing. With straightforward, easy order entry at the point of sale, his employees can keep their focus on the customer.

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