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A mobile phone and a delivery car represent restaurant delivery.

Deliveries are shown on a map on the POS terminal.

Live Traffic and Navigation

SpeedLine LiveMaps™ improves delivery efficiency and controls costs for restaurants. Your drivers will perform better with instant ticket information and directions sent directly to their smartphones. They simply click on the address link, and select their favorite navigation service to direct them to the correct location. Even new or fill-in drivers won’t get lost!  

The system helps curb driver abuse too, with the option to pay driver fees based on optimal route distance, rather than a self-reported odometer reading.

Speedy Tip  
Create a "digital wall map" by displaying LiveMaps on a big-screen TV in your kitchen, so staff can see at a glance where current deliveries are located.


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Visual Dispatch

Dispatching delivery drivers from a map view is simply more intuitive than a list of orders on a screen. Dispatchers don’t need to know every street; they can easily group orders together for delivery by touching pushpins on the map. Estimated return times for each driver are displayed on the screen, which helps managers and dispatchers time orders to be ready when drivers return.

A POS terminal showing deliveries is sitting beside a digital wall map showing delivery zones.

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Pushpin labels show the key information you choose (order total, quoted time, ETAs). A quick glance at the monitor tells staff how many deliveries are on the dispatch list, and where they are.


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Delivery zones displayed on a digital wall map.

Delivery Zones

Always charge the right delivery fees with custom delivery zones. Need changes? Just click and drag to adjust zone boundaries at any time. When an order is placed, LiveMaps will auto-assign the customer to a zone based on address, and will charge the specified fees for that zone. 

Ensure you’re covering costs by assigning minimum charges for distant zones, and keep drivers safe by restricting deliveries to daylight hours in high-crime zones.

Speedy Tip
Export delivery zone boundaries as KML files, and import zones from head office for easy setup at the store.

Integrated Caller ID

Faster, more personal customer service is the key reason why pizza operators invest in caller ID. Integrated Caller ID speeds service by eliminating the need to ask callers for their phone numbers to enter them into the system. It can also display active orders quickly when a customer calls to inquire about their order, or display a record of incoming calls so missed calls can be returned.

The POS terminal beside a ringing phone. The POS shows caller information.

Speedy Tip
Beware—many restaurant POS solutions typically do not offer integrated Caller ID.

A customer notification email shown on a phone beside a delivery car

Set Accurate Expectations

Keep your customers in the loop! Quote accurate delivery and pick-up times for every orderupdated automatically based on kitchen volume. Warning colors let you see instantly when a delivery has been waiting too long or a driver is late returning.

Send an automatic delivery confirmation message once a customer’s order has been dispatched, to let them know. Based on an intelligently mapped route, you can even let them know what time it will arrive!

Third-Party Delivery

Third-party delivery services like Uber Eats and GrubHub are now a fact of life for many restaurants. Unfortunately, most of these orders come in on tablets not connected to a POS, and have to be transferred manually. This takes staff away from other duties, and increases labor costs, as well as mistakes.

Integrating third-party ordering with SpeedLine POS relieves a lot of pressure, especially during peak periods. SpeedLine’s trusted technology partners funnel third-party orders directly into the POS, where they print in the kitchen just like other orders.

Orders from third-party restaurant delivery apps are shown being sent to the POS terminal.

Pizza Point of Sale: Finding the Right Fit

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A phone showing a mobile ordering site beside the same order shown on the screen of the POS

Integrated Online Ordering

Some POS companies lock you into working with only one online ordering partner. SpeedLine gives you the freedom to choose.

As an open architecture point of sale platform, SpeedLine lets you choose between our SpeedDine® solution, or SpeedLine Connect™—which connects the SpeedLine POS to a variety of fully integrated online ordering companies.

Simply pick the features and price best suited to your business!

More about SpeedDine.

Not only can you choose between SpeedDine (live pricing and fast ordering) and a network of third-party partners—you can design and connect a completely custom online ordering site.

SpeedLine Pay

SpeedLine Pay is a delivery app that lets you accept chip card payments wherever your customers are: on their doorstep, curbside, or at a dining room or patio table. 

It’s a win-win: customers get the convenience and credit card security they want, and your business could save hundreds of dollars each month in lower card-present processing fees and reduced chargebacks—including online payments.

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A delivery driver holding a pizza and collecting payment at the door

Speedy Tip
With payments at the door, you can process payments for deliveries at lower card-present rates, saving 40% or more off the effective rate.

Customer Data Maps, Driver Performance, and Distance Driven reports.

Reporting and Analytics

Get up-to-the-minute delivery performance stats at a glance, or delve deep into SpeedLine’s delivery reports to analyze your delivery operation over time. Delivery-focused reports include:

  • Driver out the door time, on the road time, percent on-time deliveries, run size, and wait time between runs
  • Percent late deliveries per time period
  • Detailed ticket-level summary for the day’s deliveries
  • Hourly order type sales
  • Driver fees and mileage (by odometer and by suggested route)
  • Tip totals

Speedy Tip
Set your SpeedLine POS to notify you when an employee's driver's license or insurance is up for renewal.

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