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To find out how customers use Cloud Reporting & Analytics: watch Tech Talk: The Power to Make Sound Decisions.

Near Real-Time Reporting

In order to make good decisions, you need the most up-to-date information. SpeedLine Cloud Reporting & Analytics provides near real-time reporting; meaning you don't need to wait until your team closes out for the night to see the day's sales.

Check on sales numbers, labor stats, inventory, and more by logging in from your web-enabled device.


Reporting for All Your Locations

Do you have one, two, twenty, or a hundred locations? SpeedLine Cloud Reporting & Analytics amalgamates data from all your locations running SpeedLine POS so you can see a complete picture of your business.

Compare locations performance in a single view, and compile reports on such things as delivery performance and marketing campaigns across all locations.



Watch the Video: Tech Talk: The Power to Make Sound Decisions

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