A POS Designed for Create-Your-Own Sandwiches

Much like pizzerias, sub and sandwich concepts have more complex POS requirements than other restaurant types. With sandwich-specific functionalities like create-your-own subs, ingredient upcharges, complex coupons, and meal deals, SpeedLine’s POS helps you stay ahead of even the most challenging orders.


Solutions Created For Subs And Sandwiches

SpeedDine-Sandwich-Online-Ordering-on-a-PCSpeedDine Online Ordering

Delivery and online ordering go together like ham and cheese. Web and mobile ordering give your customers multiple convenient ways to order for delivery or pickup. Generate higher web and mobile sales with:

  • Live store pricing
  • Streamlined ordering workflows
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Supports deferred ordering for party orders

As your profit goes up, your fees don't— a win-win!


Cloud Reporting & AnalyticsCloud-reporting-tab-image

Make business decisions based on real-time data accessible from anywhere, at any time. 

  • Review dashboards of key metrics
  • Filter store data by location, time, and sales
  • Get email alerts when a value varies from your set threshold
  • Drill into chart data, see trends, and identify discrepancies
  • Export a dashboard to a PDF or image


Sandwich-delivery-must-havesRestaurant Delivery

When it comes to delivery, every second counts. With detailed delivery tracking and driver management, you can:

  • Dispatch with live online mapping data from LiveMaps
  • Auto-send addresses to your driver’s smartphone 
  • Send customers automated delivery notifications
  • Provide accurate promise times
  • Customize delivery zones
  • Integrate with Doordash Drive



Designed to handle menu complexities and keep track of ingredients that most restaurant inventory software can’t handle, SpeedLine Inventory helps you to:

  • Tie up less capital in stock
  • Reduce waste
  • Improve product profit margins
  • Detect theft with inventory reports
  • Adjust prices according to rising food costs
  • Monitor stock on hand


Sandwich-Payment-processing-1SpeedLine Pay

SpeedLine Pay is a mobile app and card reader solution that accepts chip card payments curbside, at a dining room, patio table, or doorstep. Save hundreds of dollars monthly with lower card-present processing fees and reduced chargebacks—including online payments.


Sandwich-Enterprise-centralized-controlEnterprise Solutions

Whether 5 locations or 55, you can’t be in all of your sandwich shops at once. SpeedLine helps you to connect your corporate office to your restaurants and point of sale systems so you can:

  • Handle regional and store-to-store menu differences
  • Package and push updates to store POS systems
  • Generate chain-wide reports
  • Manage payroll, promotions, and marketing


Features That Set SpeedLine Apart



Calculate multiple tax rates, exemptions, meal deals, special groups, and delivery-specific pricing with ease.



Enter ordered items in any sequence while providing important nutritional information and allergens.


Flexible Coupons & Promotions

Utilize coupons with restrictions by quantity, time, or minimum purchase and handle multiple pricing structures.


Loyalty & Marketing

Attract and retain customers when you integrate loyalty programs, surveys, and smart coupon tools.


Item Routing & Printing

Show specific menu items at specific prep stations and kitchen displays, like salads at the salad station.


Planning & Forecasting

Simplify scheduling and food prep with projected daily and hourly sales, sales by day part and order type.


Defer Orders

Allow customers to pre-order for special events and holidays with order deferral available up to 30 days from order time.


Order Recall

Impress regulars by asking if they’d like what they had last time to save time and build loyalty with your customers.



Utilize third-party integrations for reporting, loyalty, payroll, scheduling, video security, remote ordering, etc.


Need A Refresher on POS Best Practices for Sub & Sandwich Shops?

Check out SpeedLine’s sub & sandwich resources for how to:

  • Make your POS pay for itself
  • Drive customer service
  • Protect your POS investment
  • Attract customers by selling value
  • Control food costs

See What Our Customers Say


“We offer a lot of flexibility for our pizzas and sandwiches, and my POS makes sure the costs are always covered.”

- Ramon Collado, Owner, Mama's Pizza & Grill, PA

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