Do you have questions about SpeedLine? That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of our most frequently asked questions about our system and how it works. If you don’t see the question you are looking for below or would like more information, please contact us.


SpeedLine POS

Why SpeedLine for pizza?
SpeedLine POS is built to handle the complex operational differences of pizza restaurants, like create-your-own pizzas, half-and-half pizzas (even thirds or quarters), complicated coupons, and delivery dispatch.
What makes SpeedLine different from other POS systems?

SpeedLine has remained the gold standard for specialized pizza and delivery POS software for over 25 years. We pride ourselves in offering unparalleled service, which has resulted in a 98% customer support satisfaction rate.

Is the POS system customizable?

Yes! Before installation, the SpeedLine Support Team works with you to build your custom menu and customize your back-end settings to fit your business. The Support Team will also show you how to make changes.

Many 3rd-Party platforms, such as online ordering, delivery, business intelligence solutions, and more, integrate with SpeedLine.

Does SpeedLine have tablets to take orders curbside, tableside, and in lineups?

Yes! SpeedLine has mobile options for taking orders and payments anywhere within range of your Wi-Fi network. You can even accept card payments by pairing a tablet with a mobile EMV PIN pad, and print receipts with a small Bluetooth printer. Learn more here.

Is SpeedLine compatible with my existing hardware?

Our team will work with you to determine if your existing hardware is compatible with SpeedLine and can be reused. Learn more about our installation process.

Where can I find more information about SpeedLine?

You can learn more about SpeedLine and the services offered here.


Online Ordering

Does SpeedLine offer online ordering?

We sure do! SpeedDine® is SpeedLine's fully integrated online ordering platform that is mobile-first and provides a fast, reliable, and streamlined ordering experience.

Does SpeedDine offer a guest checkout?

Yes, customers have the option to complete their order while logged into their account or as a guest. We recommend returning customers create an account so they can save their credit card information and access their recent order history to expedite the checkout process.

Additionally, when customers check out via their account, you are able to collect their order information for marketing and customer loyalty initiatives.

Does SpeedDine allow you to have a branded app?

Yes, SpeedDine® offers a mobile app customized with your company’s branding that is accessible to your customers anytime they open their device, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The branded app offers the same seamless mobile-first design that the SpeedDine website offers.

Does the SpeedDine online ordering site allow for brand customization?

Absolutely! SpeedDine® gives you full creative control to customize your online ordering site to match your brand. Provide a personalized ordering experience for your customers with customized imagery, menu descriptions, layout, logos, and more! You can even highlight your season items, promotions, and best sellers with the Featured Specials section.

Does the SpeedDine mobile app allow for brand customization?

Yes, SpeedDine® offers a mobile app customized with your company’s branding that is accessible to your customers anytime they open their device. Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the branded app offers the same seamless mobile-first design as the SpeedDine online ordering website.

Does SpeedLine integrate with third-party delivery companies?

SpeedLine integrates with third-party delivery services to seamlessly funnel orders into your POS and print in the kitchen like all other orders. See a full list of our integration partners.

Where can I find more information about SpeedLine’s online ordering tools?

You can learn more about online ordering with SpeedLine, here.



Does SpeedLine integrate with 3rd-party delivery drivers?

Yes! SpeedLine includes a DoorDash Drive integration that allows you to summon a DoorDash delivery driver from Terminal. The integration also allows you to view estimated pickup and delivery times and fees before submitting the request. You can even track the delivery on the DoorDash Drive portal.

Can I customize my own delivery zones?

Of course, we want delivery to work for your business! After you set your zone boundaries, the system will automatically assign deliveries to the applicable zone by address with the delivery fee associated to that zone. You can even set minimum spend requirements or time frames for specific zones.

Does the system generate quoted pickup and delivery times?

Yes! When an order is input in SpeedLine, whether a phone order or an online order, the system will look at kitchen volume and give an accurate quoted time accordingly. If your kitchen is running behind and needs more time, you can add a buffer time until they are caught up.

Where can I find more information about SpeedLine’s delivery functionality?

You can learn more about delivery with SpeedLine, here.


Cloud Reporting & Analytics

What devices can I access Cloud Reporting & Analytics with?

Cloud Reporting & Analytics is compatible on any web-enabled device, accessible anywhere and anytime! Whether looking from your POS in store, your home office, or away on a business trip, you can access the same up-to-date information.

What are the main dashboards in Cloud Reporting & Analytics?

The main dashboards in SpeedLine’s Cloud Reporting & Analytics are: Today, Yesterday, Weekly/Monthly, Quarterly/Yearly, Customer, Coupons & Discounts, Delivery Performance, Notable Activity, Remote Order Sources, Third-Party Delivery, and Store Comparison that are curated for easy access for you. In addition, you can also search for any other dashboard and report you are looking for.

Can I compare the data from multiple locations with Cloud Reporting & Analytics?

Of course! Whether you have a single location or 100 locations, SpeedLine’s Cloud Reporting & Analytics allows you to compare multiple locations side by side to see which ones are meeting sales targets, having the most success with the new coupons, who is falling behind and more.

What does real time reporting mean?

Real time reporting means that data is accessible within 15 minutes of it happening and you no longer have to wait till end of day to access important information about your business. Check sales numbers, labor stats, inventory, and more in near real-time from any web-enabled device.

Where can I find more information about SpeedLine’s Cloud Reporting & Analytics?

You can learn more about SpeedLine’s Cloud Reporting & Analytics, here.


Payment Processing

Does SpeedLine allow me to choose my own credit card processor?

SpeedLine allows you to use the processor of your choice to obtain the best rate.

Can you take card payments at the customer's door?

Yes! SpeedLine Pay™ allows you to accept card payments at the customer's door, curbside, or at the table. Learn more about SpeedLine Pay.

Where can I find more information about SpeedLine?

To learn more about SpeedLine’s payment processing options, contact us.



Is my team able to complete our own installs?

Yes, SpeedLine offers a program where your team members can become a SpeedLine Certified Technician to train and install your POS. The SpeedLine Certified Technician Program is customized for your operation and can even train your staff to qualify for second-level support at a reduced cost.

Am I able to push menus to multiple locations at once?

With SpeedLine’s Enterprise tools, you can manage your menus regionally, chain-wide, or at store level by creating a “master” menu to standardize offerings.

How is the rollout schedule made for installing my POS systems in my locations?

Our team of experts works with you to design a system migration plan that works for your team, is a reasonable timeline, and does not interrupt your day-to-day business.

Where can I find more information about SpeedLine’s Enterprise solution?

You can learn more about SpeedLine’s Enterprise solution, here.


Installation, Training, & Support

What kind of support does SpeedLine offer?

SpeedLine offers live in-house support based out of our head office, with live toll-free support available 365 days a year. With a 98% customer support satisfaction rating, your confidence is our priority. You can even choose to have menu changes and upgrades taken care of for you. Learn more about our Support Services.

Who installs my POS in my restaurant(s)?

Typically, one of SpeedLine’s Installation & Training Specialists who are computer experts, have experience in restaurants, and are QIR certified, will come to your restaurant in person and get your POS installed and train you and your staff how to use the system.

Alternatively,  a team member of yours can become a SpeedLine Certified Technician to train and install your POS themselves.

What kind of information do I have access to if I have a support subscription?
If you have a support subscription with SpeedLine, on top of live toll-free support available 365 days a year and software updates, you will have access to SpeedLine’s customer support site. On the support site, you can access:
  • Training tutorials and videos.
  • Information and downloadable documents for your new install.
  • Support advisories on critical updates.
  • Searchable knowledge base for troubleshooting help.
  • User guides and online help.
  • Archived newsletters.
  • Forms to request support or new features.
  • Purchase hardware & software on the web store.
Where can I find more information about SpeedLine’s installation, training, and support options?

You can learn more about SpeedLine’s installation, training, and support options, here.

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