mPOS choices for fast, flexible service.

A tablet POS

Betting on wireless tablets and mobile payment to boost efficiency and convenience?

Mobile options from SpeedLine deliver flexibility—from quick service to dine-in to delivery.

  • Bust lineups at rush times to serve guests faster.
  • Increase sales with upsell prompts for servers table-side.
  • Cover more tables with fewer servers. 
  • Reduce errors caused by added walk time and interruptions.
  • Keep servers on top of table status wherever they are.
  • Let customers pay on the spot, with no waits.

On top of that, mobile payment for delivery cuts processing costs and chargeback liability. With convenient EMV Pay@ the Door, every credit transaction is card-present.

Where could you use mobile ordering or payment solutions in your operations?

A restaurant with a long line

Line busting

A waiter taking an order on a tablet

Table-side orders & payment

A women paying at the door with her credit card

Pay@ the door