Centralized Enterprise POS Control

Obtain secure remote access to reports for individual location sales, labor, and inventory for timely consolidated reporting and integration. Push POS coupons, price changes, and setting updates to stores, automatically run and distribute reports, and shrink your administrative costs—all from head office.


Solutions Made For Enterprise Management

Franchisee-POS-rollout-image-1Multi-Unit Rollouts

Our team of experts works with you to design a system migration plan that will allow you to:

  • Provide an attractive and affordable upgrade path for franchisees
  • Maintain high-level operational efficiency throughout the migration without interrupting day-to-day operations
  • Have onsite and in-person training of the franchisees, managers, and staff
  • Utilize the system to its fullest potential with ongoing white glove support



SpeedLine’s SpeedLink Enterprise pulls sales, employee payroll, customer, delivery and inventory data from your stores and consolidates it for easy daily reporting. Quickly customize each report and save your settings for next time. Access information about a store location in real time with the ability to:

  • Track labor stats
  • Schedule shifts based on sales history
  • Analyze coupon effectiveness by store 
  • See purchasing data for store groups or individual stores
  • Access built-in reports that detail customer buying habits 
  • Manage payroll at individual stores or centrally from head office


Enterprise-menu-managementMenu Management

Manage your menus regionally, chain-wide, or at store level. Create a "master" menu to standardize offerings while allowing for regional or store-level differences in items, coupons, prices, locations, dates, and restrictions of who can create their own.



Designed to handle menu complexities and keep track of ingredients that most restaurant inventory software can’t handle, SpeedLine Inventory helps you to:
  • Tie up less capital in stock
  • Reduce waste
  • Improve product profit margins
  • Detect theft with inventory reports
  • Adjust prices according to rising food costs
  • Monitor stock on hand


Certify-your-teamCertify Your Team

Having one or more SpeedLine Certified Technicians can reduce the cost of a multi-unit rollout and give you increased flexibility in scheduling POS installations and training. The SpeedLine Certified Technician Program is customized for your operation and can even train your staff to qualify for second-level support at a reduced cost.


Features That Set SpeedLine Apart


Templated Reports

Access the most frequently requested sales data with reports created in consultation with restaurant owners.


Time-Restricted Pricing

Set up designated times where prices on specific items automatically adjust—perfect for limited-time promotions.



Utilize third-party integrations for reporting, loyalty, payroll, scheduling, video security, and remote ordering.


Planning & Forecasting

Simplify scheduling and food prep with projected daily and hourly sales, sales by day part and order type.


Predictive Analytics

Optimize staffing by scheduling shifts based on sales history & integrating the schedule with the employee time clock.


Centralized Payroll

Export time clock data and track employee sales while managing payroll at individual stores or from head office.


Ready To See Deeper Into Your Enterprise Business?

Read our guide to learn about the most important functionalities to look for. The enterprise POS software enables you to:

  • Manage employees efficiently across multiple locations
  • Keep products and pricing consistent in every location
  • Get new insight into business performance at all levels
  • Prevent loss and improve oversight at all locations

See What Our Customers Say

“There's nothing more important than being able to have a partner that you're suggesting or telling your franchisees that they have to use and knowing they're going to get the support that they need. It's technology, it's going to change, it's always growing, it's always changing and SpeedLine has always been very receptive to those changes.”

 - Mary Jane Riva, Pizza Factory

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