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Centralized Control

Administer Your Restaurants From Head Office

You can't physically be in every location at once. With SpeedLine SpeedLink Enterprise™, obtain secure remote access to pull sales, labor, and inventory data from each restaurant directly to head office for consolidated reporting and integration with other systems. Push POS coupons, price changes, and setting updates down to stores. Automatically run and distribute reports, and ultimately shrink your administrative costs.

Stay Informed with SpeedLine SpeedWeb™

What are the current sales numbers? Labor vs. sales? Have any red-flag activities been recorded? SpeedWeb lets you monitor your restaurant in “stealth mode” from anywhere—mobile device, home, hotel, office, laptop, or even another store. Get up to the minute reports when you need them to make timely decisions.

Menu Management

Tools for Multi-Store Operations

Manage your menus regionally, chain-wide, or at store level. Create a "master" menu to standardize offerings while allowing for regional or store-level differences in items, coupons, prices, and more. Restrict menu changes to head office, or allow individual locations to create their own coupons.

Have holiday or seasonal specials? Prepare menus in advance, and add date restrictions. Your new offer will appear only at selected locations during the effective dates.

A map of the United States divided into regions, each with their own menu.

Frequent customers, sales by item, and customer sales reports.

Sales Reports

Save Time by Automating Reports

SpeedLink pulls sales, employee payroll, customer, delivery and inventory data from your stores, and consolidates it for easy daily reporting. Quickly customize each report and save the options you picked for next time.

Use Pre-Built Reports

You can use any of SpeedLine’s pre-built reports—created in consultation with restaurant owners—to provide you with the most frequently requested sales data in the best format. Need something more specialized? Use MS Report Server, Crystal Reports or any other third-party SQL server-based reporting applications to run reports tailored to your business needs.

Labor Reports

Control Labor Costs

SpeedLine predictive analytics help you schedule shifts based on sales history, and then integrate the schedule with the employee time clock. This drastically reduces instances of over—and under—staffing.

Fast and Accurate Payroll

Export your time clock data to ADP—or a custom format—for fast and accurate payroll. Track employee sales and customer service performance with a range of reports and dashboard views of labor stats, and drive performance KPIs. Additionally, you can choose to manage payroll at individual stores, or centrally from head office.

Labor, sales by item, and payroll reports.

Speedy Tip
The Labor vs. Sales chart lets you visually compare labor versus sales % at any time during the day, or over a range of days.

An employee takes stock of inventory, such as cheese, flour, peppers and onions.

Food Cost Reports

SpeedLine Inventory™

Monitor stock on hand, report on margins, and detect theft using SpeedLine Inventory reports. SpeedLine Inventory is an add-on that helps you find and close the gaps that are inflating your food costs: over portioning, wastage, and theft.

Speedy Tip: Choose between tracking all stock items, or only those deemed critical, such as mozzarella or pepperoni. 

Keep Food Costs in Check

Keep an eye on your product margin with reports detailing recipe costs, price, and margin percentage for each menu item. Use the usage variance report to compare your physical inventory with your ideal food usage, so you can detect missing food easily. 

In addition, using the Sales Mix tool included in SpeedLine Menu Designer™ will help you instantly see the effects of rising food costs, or test new pricing before making it live.

Coupon & Promotion Reports

How Effective Was Your Last Promo?

Not only can SpeedLine can handle virtually any coupon offer, but it can monitor the effectiveness of coupons and deals with reports and analytics. Using SpeedLine LiveMaps™, you can even see a “heat map” of coupon usage data projected on a map of your trade area. You can also pull coupon usage data from multiple locations to a corporate head office for consolidated reporting. 

The Item Summary Report

Use the highly customizable Item Summary report to analyze an offer’s impact on sales. View the results as text, present them in a chart format, or export to an Excel spreadsheet.

A Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon to represent coupons and promotions reporting.

Speedy Tip
The interactive Item Summary and Sales Summary reporting tools can show data as text, export to 5 different file formats, and display 8 different chart types. 

A pop-up showing the customer points balance for loyalty in the POS.

Marketing Reports

Customize Your Reports

Customer reports provide details to help you evaluate and analyze buying patterns and design effective and profitable marketing programs. SpeedLine gives you the ability to customize your reports by:

  • Date range
  • Zip code
  • Order value
  • Frequency of purchase
  • Type of order (and more)

You can also find your best sellers and compare sales between items with the graphical sales and item summary tools. Or, simply send coupons to areas that need a boost in sales.

Best of all, you can manage all your promotions and marketing from head office.

Speedy Tip
Find out who your best customers are and how you can meet their needs. Learn about their buying habits through a wide variety of reports.

Franchise Reporting

SpeedLink Enterprise provides all the information you need above store—live, every day from all your stores. Not to mention, it's easy to share this information throughout your organization. 

It’s important to keep a close eye on basic data such as:

  • What's selling
  • What's not selling
  • Which coupons do best at each location
  • Which stores under perform on Monday afternoons
Reporting with Ease

SpeedLink Enterprise can automate the entire reporting process for you. Pull data from the stores on customer sales, coupon usage, transactions, employees, inventory, and sales forecasts, to manage your restaurant chain’s performance and solve problems. 

Use the pre-defined SpeedLink reports, or create your own. If you have your own above store accounting system, you can easily pull the data from your restaurants to head office with SpeedLink Enterprise, for centralized payroll and accounting. 


Employee reports, sales by item, and sales forecast reports


Speedy Tip
You can tap into and connect new and existing head office accounting, marketing, and business intelligence systems to data from your SpeedLine POS.


Multi-Unit Rollouts

SpeedLine's on Your Team

When you decide to roll-out SpeedLine across your chain, you’re not left to do it alone. SpeedLine will work with you to design a system migration plan for your company that will equip you to:

  • Provide an attractive and affordable upgrade path for franchisees
  • Maintain high level operational efficiency throughout the migration—installing and training staff on the new system without interrupting day-to-day operations
Restaurant Installation Process

Once you have agreed on a rollout schedule, and everything is in place, the restaurant installation process begins.

A SpeedLine Certified Installation and Training Specialist travels to the store location, installs or upgrades the point of sale systems, and trains the franchisee, managers, and staff. If you prefer, you can choose to certify your own staff to handle the installation and training instead.

After installation, SpeedLine is still by your side. The SpeedLine installation planning team tracks the success of your rollouts, monitors support calls, and keeps in touch.

Certify Your Team

For multi-unit restaurant companies, certifying one or more installers in-house can reduce the cost of a multi-unit rollout and give you increased flexibility in scheduling POS installations and training.

After completing SpeedLine’s program, SpeedLine Certified Technicians are certified to install SpeedLine and provide training for stores within your organization.

The SpeedLine Certified Technician Program is customized for your operation. Depending on which training modules are completed, certification may also allow your team to provide technical support to your stores—qualifying you for second-level support at a reduced cost.

Find out more about support services.

Employees are trained on how to use their SpeedLine POS by a certified technician.

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