Customized Floor Plans

Graphical Table Layout

Your POS table layout should be made to match your restaurant, not the other way around. Graphical table service gives you a customizable floor plan to make sure even new servers always get food to the right table. You can design your POS floor plan to include not only tables, but walls, doors, windows, a buffet, a bar, and other landmarks to make it easily read by your servers.

Table Status at a Glance

The interactive SpeedLine table service screen has table status color coding and alerts to help your busy staff keep up. If you operate a full-service pizzeria or a dine-in concept with delivery service, you will definitely appreciate this functionality.

Table Dashboard and Service Alerts

Visual Service Cues

Get a bird’s-eye view of diner stats and server performance. The Table Dashboard in SpeedLine POS allows you to track and quickly respond to service metrics. At a glance, color-coded service alerts notify staff of wait times, long table turnover, and more, to better manage the guest experience. 

Catch and Correct Service Problems Early

Managers can stay on top of service and if needed stop by with an apology at a “red” table that has been waiting too long for an appetizer. Supervisors can step in to assist or reassign staff before a slowdown hurts customer service. Visual service cues and alerts on the floor plan and dashboard give your team new insight to help them serve guests faster, measure and improve staff performance, and ultimately increase dine-in profitability.

A SpeedLine POS terminal displaying the table dashboard.

Speed Tip
On the POS screen, alerts appear on the tables based on predefined service metrics, making problems immediately obvious to staff from any terminal.


"Order-taking is fast, and upselling is easier—with fewer errors."

Greg Thomas
Mama Roni’s Pizza



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All-in-One Tableside Service

From order taking to payment processing, you can do it all right at the customer's table by using either a Microsoft Surface Pro or Go tablet paired with the Link 2500 mobile PIN pad. Once orders are entered tableside using the handheld tablet, they are sent directly to the kitchen displays or printers, resulting in faster order processing. When it's time to pay, simply return to the table with the same tablet and a Link 2500 PIN pad, and accept payment securely using contactless tap, EMV chip and PIN, swipe, mobile wallet, and more.



Check Splitting

SpeedLine allows you to effortlessly manage seats and separate checks. This gives your servers the option to take orders separately or split the bill at the end of the meal. Let your customers pay how they want, without causing a hassle for your staff. 

Split the Bill Multiple Ways

Say your customers are splitting a pizza but want to pay for their own drinks. Not a problem. Simply drag and drop items from one customer’s bill to another, or split an item between multiple tickets. SpeedLine’s built-in functionality allows you to split the bill multiple ways, and give your customers exactly what they want.

Two printed receipts showing different ways SpeedLine can split a bill.

Kitchen Displays

Replace printers with kitchen displays to improve speed, coordinate cook times, and eliminate the need to print and hang orders. Most importantly, a kitchen display allows you to set up delay timers that ensure all the items in an order are hot and ready when you need them—either for delivery or table service. 

Kitchen displays give in-store team members access to real-time speed of service information for monitoring the status of the kitchen, and alerts help them provide proactive service.

Item Routing

Item routing reduces kitchen confusion because staff at a particular prep station see only what they need to.

Assign Make Routes

When an order is placed, make tickets tell the staff what food to make. Make routes tell SpeedLine where to print or display the menu items (for example, a kitchen printer, a bar printer, or a kitchen monitor). These make routes are assigned to menu items beforehand, and then automatically flow to printers or monitors. 

Organized Tickets

Each item in the order can be directed to print or display in different prep areas of your restaurant, so that no orders get lost, and staff members have the information they need to prep the order.

For example, if a customer orders a pizza and a drink, the make ticket for the pizza would print in the kitchen, while the drink would be assigned to the "Bar" make route, and print at the bar.

Dine-in-sales, sales by item and customer sales reports


Track Dine-in Performance

With SpeedLine, you can track dine-in performance separately from take-out and delivery with dine-in sales numbers and statistics. Track server transactions and tips using SpeedLine’s cash and security controls. Most importantly to your servers, their tips can be added at any time before, during, or after the order is processed.

Speedy Tip
The Labor vs. Sales chart lets you compare sales and labor at any time during the day, and adjust your staffing accordingly.

Understand Your Data

SpeedLine’s unique summary views of key performance measures are more powerful than any printed report. Use the interactive Sales Summary to compare sales KPIs over different time periods, and dive into the Item Summary for new insight into what’s really moving on your menu and what’s not. All the data exports to Excel with a click, for further analysis.

Speedy Tip
SpeedLine can work with your existing accounting and payroll systems to save you hundreds of hours of manual bookkeeping every year.

SpeedLine Cloud Reporting & Analytics™—The Power to Make Sound Decisions

Multi-Store Cloud Reporting & Analytics for SpeedLine POS

Make business decisions based on real-time data accessible from anywhere, at any time. Your Analytics subscription includes the ability to:

  • Review dashboards of key metrics in charted or tabular reports.
  • Filter store data by location, time, sales, and more.
  • Get email alerts when a value varies from your set threshold.
  • Drill into chart data, see trends, and identify discrepancies.
  • Export a dashboard to a PDF or image for printing or sharing.
  • And more!




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Loyalty and Marketing

Creating a personalized experience is everything in today’s market. Create personalized messages to delight and inform customers:

  • Welcome new customers with a bounce-back offer, or win back lapsed customers with a special deal
  • Print a short customer satisfaction survey on receipts, or provide a link to your online survey
  • Help your customers celebrate with a birthday message and offer
  • Email customers with a personalized message to let them know their delivery is on the way
  • Export customer data for use with third-party mailing services

Customer points balance pop-up on the POS terminal to illustrate SpeedLine's loyalty and marketing features.

A gift card with a slice of pizza on it.

Gift Cards

Gift cards remain one of the most popular gift choices, and 65% of recipients spend almost 40% more than the face value, according to sources like 

SpeedLine supports multiple gift and stored value card programs and processors:

  • Worldpay StoreCard—a gift, rewards, and mobile payment card in one
  • Many 3rd-party gift card processors are supported via SpeedLine’s Monetra integration, including Givex and Paytronix

Speedy Tip
As a restaurant operator, you can confidently expect that gift cards will represent a larger proportion of your total sales in the coming years. 

Enterprise Management

Funnel a wealth of POS data into new and existing head office systems—financial and payroll systems, business intelligence, purchasing and ERP, marketing and loyalty. SpeedLine provides detailed transaction-level data from all your restaurants for seamless integration with your current above store systems.

A few perks of centralized control include the ability to:

  • Manage payroll centrally from head office, or at individual stores
  • Handle regional and store-to-store differences in a single menu file
  • Manage promotions and marketing from head office
  • Push POS settings to stores via setting update packages
  • Integrate scheduling, labor planning and time clock controls to improve labor efficiency

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A restaurant chain head office building in front of a map of the US

Speedy Tip
SpeedLink Enterprise above store gives you consolidated numbers to manage your restaurant chain’s performance and solve problems.



Most restaurant operators recognize that inventory is like cash on their shelves. Waste, over-stocking, theft, and spoilage come right off the bottom line. SpeedLine can identify where this shrink is happening so you can eliminate it.

Prep Planning for a Buffet

Does your restaurant include a buffet? The SpeedLine Buffet Planning tool ensures you have enough to feed hungry guests, while minimizing waste.

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Speedy Tip
Attempting to set up inventory tracking for create-your-own menu items using inventory software not specifically designed for pizza can quickly become overly complicated and overwhelming.

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Flexible Coupons and Promotions

When it comes to configuring coupons and promotions for your restaurant, SpeedLine’s options are virtually endless. 

SpeedLine has an advanced coupon engine that handles even the most complex offers. You can specify effective dates for an offer, detail the order requirements needed to qualify, and decide how the discount will be calculated. 

A restaurant owner thinking about coupons

Speedy Tip
“Spot promotions” or manager’s specials, scripted into the ordering process via the POS, can be an easy way to push slow-moving menu items in the restaurant.

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