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Stay organized throughout every step of your restaurant’s meal service with SpeedLine’s suite of full service restaurant tools like floor plans, service alerts, check splitting, and more.


Solutions Made For Full Service

Features-Full-Service-Custom-table-planCustomizable Floor Plans

Create accurate floor plans that your staff can understand at a glance. Create a table layout that matches the floor plan of your restaurant with tables, walls, doors, windows, buffets, bars, and other restaurant landmarks.


Features-Full-Service-DashboardIntuitive Service Alerts And Prompts

See color-coded service alerts that notify staff of wait times, long table turnover, and more to manage guest experiences. Visual service cues help your staff serve guests faster and ultimately improve overall service performance.


kitchen-displaysKitchen Displays

Access real-time speed of service information to monitor the status of the kitchen. Ensure all staff are on the same page for each order with kitchen displays that allow you to:
  • Route items strategically to customized prep or expediter stations
  • Prioritize rush items
  • Help staff provide proactive service
  • Change activity levels to compensate for varying kitchen loads
  • Ensure all items in an order are ready at the same time



Cloud Reporting & Analytics allows you to review reports that target the KPIs you need most, like high and low-performing dishes, and the number of dishes sold within a date range. Dive deeper into your reports to:

  • Track dine-in performance
  • Identify which servers are bringing in the highest sales and tips
  • See which coupons are most successful
  • Drill into chart data, see trends, and identify discrepancies
  • Compare performance of multiple store locations



Designed to handle menu complexities and keep track of ingredients that most restaurant inventory software can’t handle, SpeedLine Inventory helps you to:
  • Tie up less capital in stock
  • Reduce waste
  • Improve product profit margins
  • Detect theft with inventory reports
  • Adjust prices according to rising food costs
  • Monitor stock on hand



Enterprise Management

Funnel a wealth of POS data into new and existing head office systems—financial and payroll systems, business intelligence, purchasing and ERP, marketing and loyalty. 

  • Manage payroll centrally from head office, or at individual stores
  • Handle regional and store-to-store differences in a single menu file
  • Manage promotions and marketing from head office
  • Push POS settings to stores via setting update packages


Features That Set SpeedLine Apart


Table Service

Take orders that are sent directly to the kitchen and securely accept contactless payments all from the table.



Manage seats effortlessly and separate checks multiple ways so customers can pay exactly how they want to.


Item Routing
& Printing

Show specific menu items at specific prep stations and kitchen displays, like salads at the salad station.


& Marketing

Attract and retain customers when you integrate loyalty programs, surveys, and smart coupon tools.


Flexible Coupons & Promotions

Utilize coupons with restrictions by quantity, time, or minimum purchase and handle multiple pricing structures.


Planning &

Simplify scheduling and food prep with projected daily and hourly sales, sales by day part and order type.


Looking for Full Service Restaurant Resources?

Explore SpeedLine’s fine-tuned guides and brochures to help:

  • Identify profit drains
  • Manage food costs
  • Build great menus
  • Manage employees
  • Increase guest satisfaction
  • Prevent loss and theft
  • Improve customer service
  • Protect your POS investment

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SpeedLine has helped us grow in every single way possible. The ease of use, new table service, and delivery capabilities are a perfect match for our restaurants.

- Pete Caruso, Owner, Pasta Mia

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