Quick Service & Fast Casual

Stay ahead of the dinner rush with a POS that’s fast and easy to use for even the most complex orders.


Solutions Made For Quick Service & Fast Casual

QSR-FC-customer-facing-monitorsCustomer-Facing Displays

Catch and correct order mistakes as they happen with customer-facing displays. Visually communicate orders to their customers in real time with functionalities that:

  • Increase add-on sales
  • Promote deals and seasonal specials
  • Showcase product images
  • Discourage theft with added transparency


kitchen-displaysKitchen Displays

Access real-time speed of service information to monitor the status of the kitchen. Ensure all staff are on the same page for each order with kitchen displays that allow you to:

  • Route items strategically to customized prep or expediter stations
  • Prioritize rush items
  • Ensure all items in an order are ready at the same time
  • Change activity levels to compensate for varying kitchen loads
  • Help staff provide proactive service


Drive-Thru Displays


Increase the number of orders you can handle without having lineups out the door. With the help of a tablet paired with an EMV device, you can fully process orders in the drive-thru before they even get to the speaker. Expedite and simplify the order-taking process with drive-thru displays that:

  • Provide visual confirmation of order details for customers
  • Add convenience for you and your customers
  • Present the menu in an interactive and visually appealing method
  • Promote specials, new items, and deals



With Cloud Reporting & Analytics review reports that target the KPIs you need most, like high and low-performing dishes, and number of dishes sold within a date range. Dive deeper into your reports to:

  • See which coupons are most successful
  • Drill into chart data, see trends, and identify discrepancies
  • Compare performance of multiple store locations
  • Export a dashboard to a PDF or image for printing or sharing


Features-Pizza-Sales-ForecastingOperations Planning

Keep your costs in check with sales and labor forecasts and prep plans. Comprehensive operations planning tools allow you to:

  • Use the Sales Mix to determine recipe costs and set prices
  • Track real vs. ideal inventory variances
  • Report on product cost and margin with SpeedLine Inventory
  • Add weights to make-tickets for consistent portion control
  • Schedule staff and prep food based on historical sales
  • Monitor stock levels


Features-Enterprise-centralized-control-2Enterprise Management

You can’t be in every location at once. SpeedLine helps you to connect your head office to your restaurants and point of sale systems so you can:

  • Handle regional and store-to-store menu differences
  • Package and push updates to store POS systems
  • Generate chain-wide reports
  • Manage payroll, promotions, and marketing

With SpeedLine, obtain secure remote access to up-to-the-minute reports for individual location sales, labor, and inventory for timely consolidated reporting and integration. Push POS coupons, price changes, and setting updates down to stores. Automatically run and distribute reports and shrink your administrative costs from head office



Looking For Quick Service & Fast Casual Resources?

Explore SpeedLine’s fine-tuned guides and brochures to help:

  • Identify profit drains
  • Manage food costs
  • Build great menus
  • Manage employees
  • Increase guest satisfaction
  • Prevent loss and theft
  • Improve customer service
  • Protect your POS investment

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“I think much like I found a home at Dion's for my professional career, I think we found a good home for SpeedLine and for us from a point-of-sale perspective.”

- Jeremy Cave, Director of Technology, Dion's Pizza

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