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In-Store Orders: How Do They Work?

Conversational QSR Ordering

On-The-Spot Customization

If your customers want to customize their order, your staff don’t have to stress—the touchscreen menu is designed for your restaurants. Quickly and easily substitute fries with onion rings through conversational ordering, which lets you enter items and toppings in any sequence, as the customer orders.

Information at Your Fingertips

A regular wants the usual? Even your newest staff can help. Touch to recall and reorder past items or full orders in an instant. You can also program the menu to show nutritional information, allergens, or recipes at the touch of a button.

Guided Ordering & Upselling

Consistent Upselling

Control the ordering process from beginning to end with SpeedLine’s easy-to-use interface, upselling tools, and customer-facing displays. Your staff can start offering add-ons consistently and in a helpful way through scripted upselling prompts. Upsizing prompts, for instance, that link the sale of a small soda to a prompt for a larger size, can increase profits significantly. 

Shorter Wait Times

With directed order entry, smart combos, and efficient kitchen routing, you can beat the rush at the counter and drive-thru. Watch as your SpeedLine restaurant POS helps your concept improve speed, accuracy, and customer satisfaction, and ultimately boost your sales. 

Speedy Tip
If you average 50 orders per day, and your suggestive upselling prompts increase your average ticket by just $1, that’s $50 more every day, or more than $18,000 a year!

Customer-Facing Displays

Order errors chew up time, waste stock, and burn good will with your customers. Customer-facing displays are the solution.

The instant visual validation of a customer-facing display helps customers catch and correct mistakes as they happen.

As an added bonus, these displays discourage theft, and can increase add-on sales. 

QSR customer facing displays

Speedy Tip
Pictures sell. You’ll notice that customer displays can quickly increase average ticket size with simple suggestive selling images.  Highlight profitable add-ons or items that might otherwise be overlooked on a large menu. 


Kitchen Displays

Kitchen displays offer restaurant managers access to real-time speed of service information for monitoring the status of the kitchen, and alerts help staff provide proactive service.

Delay routing ensures that items display at prep or expediter stations when they're needed, and everything in an order is ready at the same time. Fresh, hot food means increased guest satisfaction. Prioritize rush items, and change activity levels with one click to compensate for varying kitchen loads.

Item Routing

Simplified Kitchen Communication

Item routing can be customized to increase your kitchen’s organization and efficiency by directing items to the correct prep area printer or kitchen display. The goal is to reduce confusion and eliminate the need to call orders across the floor by showing only items that staff at a particular station need to see. 

Order Organization

For example, you have two prep areas in your quick service restaurant: the french fry station and the burger station. Each prep station has its own printer or monitor. When a customer places an order for a burger and fries combo meal, the burger will print or display at the burger station, while the french fries will print or display at the fryer.

An employee is making a hamburger with the help of a make ticket printed from the kitchen printer.

Flexible Coupons and Promotions

Advanced Coupon Engine

SpeedLine has an advanced coupon engine that can handle even the most complex offers. For multi-unit operations, a master menu can contain the coupons used across all of your locations, while allowing certain offers to be restricted to individual locations or regions. There's also an option to let individual stores control store-specific coupons in the menu, while restricting access to other areas.

Attract Customers

A great way to attract lapsed customers back into the restaurant is with well-timed special offers and promotions. Target regular customers who have not placed orders in a specific timeframe, and invite them back for a discount, or a free item. 

Print offers or surveys on receipts, have them pop up as order taker prompts. Automatically target new, lapsed, or frequent customers with your messages, wish a guest happy birthday, or give them the opportunity to provide feedback. 

Speedy Tip
Restaurants who target customers with discounts routinely see returns of 20 to 50% and up - a much higher return than the 1 to 2% typical from more costly blanket mailers.


SpeedLine reports provide access to a wide variety of information. With the sales and menu mix reporting tools in SpeedLine, it’s easy to see which items are selling and how many have been sold within a date range.

This information helps you make decisions on what to promote. For example, you can help promote a slow moving item that has caught your attention by customizing an upselling prompt on the POS.




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SpeedLine Cloud Reporting & Analytics™—The Power to Make Sound Decisions

Multi-Store Cloud Reporting & Analytics for SpeedLine POS

Make business decisions based on real-time data accessible from anywhere, at any time. Your Analytics subscription includes the ability to:

  • Review dashboards of key metrics in charted or tabular reports.
  • Filter store data by location, time, sales, and more.
  • Get email alerts when a value varies from your set threshold.
  • Drill into chart data, see trends, and identify discrepancies.
  • Export a dashboard to a PDF or image for printing or sharing.
  • And more!



Loyalty and Marketing

Reward your customers, and boost your restaurant business, by choosing a restaurant loyalty program that fits your concept. Loyalty rewards build order frequency and ticket size.

Use the free single-store loyalty tools built into the SpeedLine POS, or choose from a variety of integrated third-party options for multi-store loyalty.


Calculate the ROI on your new POS

Speedy Tip
Your account manager can help you choose a loyalty provider that fits your business. Options include: SpeedLine Loyalty, Punchh Loyalty, Paytronix Loyalty, and Worldpay StoreCard.

Enterprise Management

SpeedLine was designed for growth and scalability. This means it can work for any restaurant company—from independent businesses to large, multi-national chains.

Connect With Head Office

SpeedLine SpeedLink Enterprise™ has the ability to connect multiple QSR locations with head office to bring keener insights, greater consistency, and ultimately greater profitability chain wide.

A QSR point of sale system with enterprise management capabilities provides tremendous added value to any multi-location operation through consolidated reporting and integration with existing above-store systems. 

Enterprise Management: Find Out More

A head office of a restaurant chain in front of a map of the US

SpeedLink Enterprise gives you the freedom to easily manage menus, POS settings, and promotions across multiple locations and regions. 

The sales forecast is displayed on a POS terminal.

Operations Planning

Even before you open for the day, SpeedLine is at work. Keep your costs in check with sales and labor forecasts and prep plans. Monitor your stock levels and identify problem areas with SpeedLine Inventory™.

Helpful Tools

Comprehensive operations planning tools allow you to:

  • Use the Sales Mix to understand recipe costs and set prices
  • Track real vs. ideal inventory variances
  • Report on product cost and margin with SpeedLine Inventory
  • Add weights on make-tickets for consistent portion control
  • Schedule staff and prep food based on historical sales

Drive-Thru Displays

Customers want convenience, which is why so many people regularly choose to use drive-thru's rather than entering the store. When integrated with your POS, outdoor drive-thru displays allow order-takers to take orders more quickly and accurately while giving customers visual confirmation of their order details. 

Increase the number of orders you can handle without having lineups out the door. Drive-thru displays mean added convenience for your customers and a more profitable QSR business for you.

With the help of a Windows Surface Pro or Go tablet paired with the Link 2500, you can fully process orders in the drive-thru before they even get to the speaker.

A red cartoon car driving up to and ordering at a drive-thru display outside a restaurant


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