Case Study - Spinato's Pizza


Arizona Restaurant Chain Values Service Above All

Spinato’s Pizza is a true family restaurant. At all five locations in Arizona, they value their guests as if they were family, known as the Spinato’s Experience.

Spinato’s is known for their thin crust Chicago style pizza. Their sauce is sweeter than most, and they are committed to quality, consistent products. To keep their food consistent, Spinato’s uses a commissary where they prepare all of their sauces, specialties, and desserts. “We want to make as much with our own hands as we can,” says vice president Anthony Spinato. “My dad started the company with a dream to only open one restaurant, but he was approached about franchising. He wanted control over the production, so he started the “family kitchen,” and the other locations buy everything from it.”

For Spinato’s, quality, consistency, and family are key to their restaurants’ success. To ensure that success, they needed the right tools. When it came to selecting a new point of sale provider, they wanted one that would treat them the same way they treat their guests, and provide excellent support and service.


The Right Combination

Spinato’s was looking for a point of sale system that would allow them the option to choose more third party integrations. When it came time to select a new point of sale, Spinato’s chose SpeedLine for compatibility with third party systems, including online ordering.

“We liked that we are able to choose the online ordering provider that we want. It’s really enticing for us to have options for customizing our online ordering platform,” says Todd Vierra, Director of Operations. Spinato’s uses Brygid for their online ordering website. Since it is integrated with SpeedLine, all orders made on the website go directly through to the point of sale. About 7% of their total orders are made online, so that saves their staff time.

Also integrated with their SpeedLine POS is enterprise reporting software by Compeat. Sales data is collected from about 60 point of sale terminals running at their locations, and sent to the Spinato’s head office. “Using a reporting software allows us to build the reports we need, and really analyze the data,” says Vierra.

Point of Sale for Full Service

Spinato’s is a popular place for lunches and dinner. About half of Spinato’s sales are dine-in, and their point of sale had to be able to accommodate that. They use SpeedLine’s Graphical Table Service, which displays an interactive floor plan customized for the store. Their servers can quickly see the status of a table. Color changes and icons indicate open tables, longer than normal wait times, and other service alerts, so servers or managers can step in before the situation gets out of hand. A table dashboard displays key stats to make it easy to monitor service.

Dispatching Deliveries

In addition to being a full service restaurant, Spinato’s offers delivery from all five of their restaurant locations. For that, they use LiveMaps, a visual dispatch software that is part of their SpeedLine POS. “It’s easier to train new drivers, especially ones new to the area,” says Vierra. “The delivery area for our Phoenix locations is on a grid, north to south and east to west, so it’s easy for drivers. But our other locations cover neighborhoods, subdivisions and gated communities. Those all have one way in and one way out. LiveMaps makes it much easier to group the deliveries together.”

Their larger restaurants have installed 50-inch displays with the map of delivery orders on-screen. On an average Friday evening, they will have between 15-20 deliveries showing on the map at any time. “Our drivers love it,” says Vierra. The large displays and dispatch stations make it much easier for employees to stage and dispatch deliveries.

“So far, SpeedLine is the best POS we’ve worked with. Our installer was absolutely fantastic. He was knowledgeable, and patient, and you can’t put a price on that.” - Todd Vierra, Director of Operations


Good Service

Before joining the Spinato’s family, Vierra worked in the restaurant industry opening restaurants. He would go in and help set up a restaurant and prepare it for opening day. During that time he used a lot of point of sale systems. For him, good customer service from his point of sale provider was paramount. “So far, SpeedLine is the best POS we’ve worked with,” says Vierra. “Our installer was absolutely fantastic. He was knowledgeable, and patient, and you can’t put a price on that.”

Spinato’s Pizza is proud to bring people together. “We aren’t in the pizza business, we’re in the people business,” shares Vierra. “One of our core values is family, and that includes our coworkers, guests, and vendors. We value the service we get above all else. We’re willing to pay a little more to work with good people.”

Spinato’s found its match in SpeedLine, where customer service comes first. Vierra has worked closely with the SpeedLine team for installation, support, and system changes.

“Overall, anytime you make a big investment it’s a scary decision to say ‘yep, this is the one’ but we’ve never looked back,” says Vierra.

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