Case Study - Krazy Karl's Pizza


A POS to Rely On: Krazy Karl’s Pizza

In Fort Collins, Colorado, people are crazy for Krazy Karl’s. Since opening in 2010, the pizzeria has expanded to two locations within the city, serving university students and families alike.

Nate Haas, Krazy Karl’s owner, was originally introduced to SpeedLine at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. He spoke with SpeedLine’s account managers two years in a row at the show before deciding to investigate further.

At the time, Haas was experiencing difficulties with the restaurants’ existing point of sale system. He and his managers had been calling their service provider daily for months trying to solve customer service and shutdown related issues, but not coming to any real resolutions.

Krazy Karl's Lobby

When Their POS Went Down, So Did They

“We would end up shutting down for the night,” Haas says. “With the high volumes we do (more than 7,000 pies per week in one of our two restaurants), we weren’t able to keep up taking orders by hand. It was better from a customer service standpoint to just close.”

Continuing on that way just wasn’t viable.   

After a demo, and many discussions, Haas eventually settled on SpeedLine point of sale for both Krazy Karl’s locations. Since the installation, Haas has seen a number of improvements in his pizzerias’ operations.

“The labor reporting keeps us at good profit levels. Before, we never had an accurate read. We keep an eye on Labor vs. Sales in SpeedLine every day.” - Nate Haas, owner of Krazy Karl's

The Difference a Reliable POS Makes

“Actually making the food is more efficient,” Haas notes. With the conversion to SpeedLine POS, Haas was able to reorganize their menu into sections, and route each item to a specific printer in the kitchen. The stores have also found the easy access to SpeedLine Ticket Activity detail helpful for managing dine in and bar orders. Staff can see what time each part of a dine-in order was placed. If the customer orders a pizza, and then a drink 30 minutes later, employees can easily see what part of the order was just placed and hasn’t been fulfilled yet.

Training new servers for dine-in is easier too. Haas explains, “Before, it was spatially hard to understand. We had a number for each table.” New staff took a while to learn the table numbering scheme with their previous POS system. The learning curve is much less steep when new staff with a graphical view of the dining area in the POS and an intuitive table management dashboard.

In addition, labor data from the new system helps keep staffing levels in line, Haas adds. “The labor reporting keeps us at good profit levels. Before, we never had an accurate read. We keep an eye on Labor vs. Sales in SpeedLine every day.”

One of the busiest pizzerias in Colorado, the Krazy Karl’s team has little time to spare to deal with technical problems and shutdowns. At the end of the day, a point of sale system they can rely on is critical.

With SpeedLine, Haas says, “I have more time to focus on my customers.”

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