Table Service

Managing dine-in orders is made simple with SpeedLine's Table Dashboard. Quickly seat guests, enter orders, and print checks for more efficient service and higher profits by turning tables faster. The Table Dashboard shows table turns, bussing times, server performance and dine-in sales at a glance.


Easily split the check.

Effortlessly manage seats and separate checks. Take orders on separate checks, or split the bill at the end of their meal.

Are your customers splitting a pizza but paying for their own drinks? Simply touch to move order items from one customer’s bill to another, or divide the bill evenly.

Easily split the check.
Keep track of transactions.

Keep track of transactions.

Track server transactions and tips using SpeedLine's cash and security controls. Monitor sales and tip information to comply with federal regulations and avoid penalties using SpeedLine reporting. And most importantly to your servers, their tips can be added at any time before, during or after the order is processed.

Turning Tables. Find out how your POS can help speed up service performance.

Turning Tables

Find out how your POS can help speed up service performance.

The perfect layout. Learn More About Graphical Table Service

The perfect layout.

Customize your POS's table layout to match your restaurant's floor plan. Design your POS floorplan to include not only tables, but walls, doors, windows, bar, and other elements to make it easily read by your servers.

Learn More About Graphical Table Service

Speed up service with Mobile POS

Take orders and payments tableside with a convenient mobile POS. Easily serve a dining room or patio without ever needing to leave the customers' side to enter orders. Get orders to the kitchen faster, and avoid forgotten orders.

Learn More about Mobile POS

Speed up service with Mobile POS

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