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Monetra 8.14.0 Release is available. (Security Fixes)

Posted by SpeedLine Support on Apr 7, 2020 9:37:46 AM

Monetra 8.14.0 has been released and is available for upgrade. This release contains security fixes, so all customers using Monetra should upgrade to this version within 30 days of the release date. 

Please note if you are a Monetra EMV user (secure pin pads), you will require Uniterm version 9.8.0 if you do not have this version please contact support to get this.

Read on for full release notes from  Monetra.

Full release notes from Monetra are below:

Monetra 8.14.0 released

April 6, 2020

Effective 04/06/2020

Monetra 8.14.0 has been released to the public and is a maintenance release.

This release is highly recommended for all users of Monetra and should be considered the most modern and stable release available.


Database Schema: v4.11 (compatible with v4.0)



  • Givex has been recertified.
  • First Data CardNet/Nashville recertification to include Visa Return Authorization and Card on File indicators.
  • Chase Paymentech recertification to include Card on File indicators.
  • Tsys recertification for updated compliance requirements.


  • Ability to send receipt emails both on demand as well is automatically for recurring and installment payments.
  • Recurring and Installment payments will now accept and honor merch_custom_fields and merch_req_fields.

Integration Changes:

  • GUT/GL reports now return reqamount, origauthamount, and authamount.
  • GUT/GL/GFT reports can specify user to limit report to specific sub user.
  • GUT/GL/GFT reports now return customer_id and token columns.
  • When configuring a merch_tax_rate, it can now be configured as NT if the merchant typically does not collect tax.
  • Email Receipts:
    • All email receipts require merch_name and merch_email to be configured.
    • trandetail can be passed rcpt_email containing a semi-colon separated list of email addresses to send the customer-copy of a receipt.
    • trandetail can send a copy of the receipt to the merchant's configured merch_email merchant parameter and will do so automatically if the merch_flags of RECEIVE_RECEIPTS_DETAIL is set. This can be overwritten with the boolean rcpt_merch_copy request parameter.
    • Recurring and Installment transactions can automatically send customer receipts if the token is tied to a customer. The customer would need both an email configured as well as set customer flag EMAIL_RECEIPT_RECURRING.
    • Recurring and Installment transactions can automatically send merchant receipts if merch_flags of RECEIVE_RECEIPTS_RECURRING is set.
    • rcpt_isduplicate parameter added. Default true if not set. Controls whether a trandetail generated receipt will be marked as a duplicate copy.
  • When re-activing a recurring or installment payment, skipmissed=true may be passed to skip any missed payments instead of catching up. If the merchant defaults to RECURRING_SKIPMISSED, skipmissed=false may be used instead.
  • New merch_flags:
    • RECEIVE_RECEIPTS_DETAIL: The merchant wishes to receive a copy of emailed receipt generated by trandetail.
    • RECEIVE_RECEIPTS_RECURRING: The merchant wishes to receive a copy of emailed receipt generated by installment or recurring transactions.
    • RECURRING_SKIPMISSED: The merchant wishes the default to be to not catch up on missed payments when reactivating a recurring or installment billing.
  • merch_custom_fields can now be stored with recurring and installment payments.


  • CSV output from Monetra may be incorrect if a field contained new lines.

ThirdParty Library Updates:

  • SQLite updated to 3.31.1
  • OpenSSL updated to 1.1.1f
  • C-ares updated to 1.16.0


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