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SpeedLine 7.3 Release 110 now available

Posted by SpeedLine Support on Jul 8, 2019 10:52:36 AM

SpeedLine 7.3 Release 110 is available today.

This release includes changes from 7.3 Releases R108, R109, and R110. The R108 and R109 releases were not announced previously. Release notes for all three releases are included below, along with notes about significant changes to SpeedLine log files and SpeedDine.

  • There are no PCI affecting changes in this release. It is a recommended upgrade for customers who use SpeedDine, Mercury Pay, Vantiv Express, or Monetra.

Important Notes:

  • 7.3 R109 includes back-end changes to the Connect service and credit card processing to improve SpeedDine performance, and is the new minimum version for use with SpeedDine. It is recommended that all SpeedDine customers upgrade to 7.3 R109 or later.
  • 7.3 R109 also introduced a change to the way SpeedLine handles log files. The system now creates a new log file each time a day end is completed. Each day's file is identified with DayFile End of Day ID, and files that are more than 5 days old will be automatically moved to an "Archived" folder.
    • The new naming format for the log files is: EODID_FileName.txt. For example, if your End of day ID is 365, your log file will appear as: 000365_ErrorLog.txt.
    • Log files for the current date and the last 5 days will be located in: C:\Speedline\Logs\.
    • After 5 days logs will be automatically moved to: C:\Speedline\Logs\Archived.
    If your organization uses scripts or tasks that refer to log files by name or location, please use the information above to update them after upgrade.

Release Notes

R110:#19855 New: Added SpeedLine Connect option to print credit card slips upon receipt of order.

R109:#19601 Enhanced: SpeedLine Logs are now separated into daily files identified by End of Day ID.
#19808 Enhanced: Improved duplicate checking during bank close for Vantiv Express.
#19834 Enhanced: Connect service will retry to send SpeedDine messages to the SQS response queue.
#14816 Changed: On manual entry of credit cards using EMV, the customer's recorded zip code will be prompted for to allow verification.#19847 Fixed: Online orders with pre-authorized amounts that were more than the ticket total could cause assertion errors with certain configurations.

R108:#19728 Enhanced: Improved expected payment interactions when converting to payments.
#19796 Changed: IP address scanning now defaults to off in the Password Maintenance utility.
#19607 Changed:  Vantiv Express card-not-present transactions entered on EMV PIN pads are now processed as preauthorization transactions instead of sales.#19700 Fixed: Corrected an issue where the Dupe and +1 functions were using the incorrect price group.#19794 Fixed: Credit card preauthorizations from online ordering incorrectly showed an authorized amount of $0.00.

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