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Changes to SpeedDine for COVID-19

Posted by SpeedLine Support on Mar 20, 2020 12:04:46 PM

To help you keep your staff and customers safe during the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, SpeedLine is releasing two new features for SpeedDine online ordering:

  • Disable pickup orders: When activated, this feature "grays out" the Pickup button on your ordering site, so customers can only request the delivery order type, and adds a warning message (see the image below) to explain the reason for the change. This lets you carry on with the delivery side of your business while preventing online pickup orders. This feature is optional. To request that it be activated, please contact the SpeedDine support team at


  • Prompt customers to prepare for a safer delivery: Starting Monday, March 23, 2020, the Order Notes section of the Order Details page on all SpeedDine sites will include the following text: "Please enter a note below for any order request you may have (e.g. contactless delivery, ring bell, etc.). For the health and safety of everyone, please supply your own pen for signing receipts."  This extra text is temporary, and will be removed when no longer required.

Thank you, and please stay well.

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