SpeedLine User of the Month: Pizza Pirates Focus on Menu Flexibility

By Tricia Hoy

This month, we are featuring SpeedLine user Pizza Pirates, a family owned and operated 3-store chain in California. With a fourth location opening up soon, Pizza Pirates has dominated the pizza market in their area, and don’t plan on stopping!

An interview with SpeedLine user David Kenney: Pizza Pirates – Glen Avon, Ontario, and Pomona CA.

Tell us about when you opened your first location.

We have been in business since 1989.  We are a family owned operation with 3 locations and a 4th to open this fall.  We are a take out and delivery operation, but the 4th location will also have a small dining area.

What’s your personal favorite on your menu?  

My favorite item on our menu is a simple pepperoni and sausage pizza.

What three things set you apart from your competition?  

  • We have a very extensive pizza menu with 60 specialty pizzas.  No one in our market comes anywhere close to that.
  • We prepare many of our ingredients from scratch in house: dough, sauce, Ranch dressing.  We even cook fresh chicken breast topping, and grate our own cheese.
  • We provide a great value to our customers.  We are not the lowest priced in our area, but our quality of pizza would be much more expensive elsewhere.  Our large specialty pizzas are only $13. The same pie would cost around $20 most other places.

What is your favorite SpeedLine POS feature? 

By far, what I like best is the menu flexibility.  Our menu could not be what it is today with our old systems.  In the month of May, we sold 45,000 pizzas and side items.  And nearly error free.  Each location averages only 1 to 2 remakes per week.



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