Running multiple locations requires insight into many small local markets, as well as information to draw broader conclusions. In a recent case study by Pizza Marketplace, Woodstock’s Pizza spoke candidly about the challenges the company faced while expanding their business. As their company grew, each location implemented different point-of-sale systems, which created headaches for analyzing data from the stores.

At the end of the day, the solution was easy—mandate one point-of-sale system for all locations. The hard part was deciding which system to use.

Darryl Turner, Woodstock’s Pizza director of technology, began searching for the right POS. Some of the POS systems they were using didn’t offer the features the company was looking for, such as inventory control and automated marketing. He began by asking hospitality and restaurant professionals about their experiences with POS systems for pizza.

Woodstock's employees entering an order into the SpeedLine POS

Following recommendations, Turner visited the SpeedLine booth at Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. After a few live demos and many conversations, they decided to move forward. They began deploying SpeedLine in 2014, and now have it in all of their locations.

“We have data we can trust and depend on instead of different information from disparate systems. That data is fed into one central location that helps us make accurate intelligent business decisions. It’s really helped us grow.”

– Darryl Turner, Woodstock’s Pizza.