A POS That Knows Pizza As Well As You Do 

A pizza and delivery point of sale is designed differently—and for good reason.

Operational differences like create-your-own pizzas, half-and-half pizzas (even thirds or quarters), complicated coupons, and delivery dispatch mean you require a specialized point of sale.


Why Our Customers Love SpeedLine

  1. 25 years of excellence: SpeedLine has remained the gold standard for restaurants looking for specialized pizza & delivery POS software.
  2. White glove customer support: With a 98% customer support satisfaction rate, your confidence is our priority.
  3. A pizza-first all-in-one solution: Most POS systems boast offering an all-in-one solution OR being pizza-first. We do both.


Solutions Built For Your Business

Delivery-tab-imageRestaurant Delivery & LiveMaps Visual Dispatch

When it comes to delivery, every second counts. With detailed delivery tracking and driver management, you can:

  • Dispatch with live online mapping data from LiveMaps
  • Auto-send addresses to your driver’s smartphone 
  • Send customers automated delivery notifications
  • Provide accurate promise times
  • Customize delivery zones
  • Integrates with Doordash Drive


online-ordering-tab-imageSpeedDine Online Ordering

Delivery and online ordering go together like cheese and pepperoni. Web and mobile ordering give your customers multiple convenient ways to order for delivery or pickup. Generate higher web and mobile sales with:

  • Live store pricing
  • Streamlined ordering workflows
  • Unlimited transactions

SpeedDine is SpeedLine POS's online ordering software. Harnessing the power of cloud technology means that you will virtually never experience maintenance downtime—your website always works even during peak order volumes.

As your profit goes up, your fees don't— a win-win!


Cloud-reporting-tab-imageCloud Reporting & Analytics

Make business decisions based on real-time data accessible from anywhere, at any time. 

  • Review dashboards of key metrics
  • Filter store data by location, time, and sales
  • Get email alerts when a value varies from your set threshold
  • Drill into chart data, see trends, and identify discrepancies
  • Export a dashboard to a PDF or image

SpeedLine Cloud Reporting & Analytics grants you access to your SpeedLine reports from all your devices.

View your in-store reports and dashboards to help you to understand what drives your business, and increase your restaurant's profitability.


Pizza-Inventory-1SpeedLine Inventory

Designed to handle menu complexities and keep track of ingredients that most restaurant inventory software can’t handle, SpeedLine Inventory helps you to:
  • Tie up less capital in stock
  • Reduce waste
  • Improve product profit margins
  • Detect theft with inventory reports
  • Adjust prices according to rising food costs
  • Monitor stock on hand


Pizza-Pete-bbPOS-tap-at-the-door-1SpeedLine Pay

Shrink credit card processing fees and avoid delivery chargebacks.

If you’ve found it challenging to justify upgrading to EMV when a large percentage of your sales are card-not-present, SpeedLine Pay is the answer.

SpeedLine Pay is a mobile app and card reader solution that accepts chip card payments curbside, at a dining room, patio table, or doorstep. Save hundreds of dollars monthly with lower card-present processing fees and reduced chargebacks—including online payments.



Enterprise Management

You can’t be in every location at once. SpeedLine helps you to connect your head office to your restaurants and point of sale systems so you can:

  • Handle regional and store-to-store menu differences
  • Package and push updates to store POS systems
  • Generate chain-wide reports
  • Manage payroll, promotions, and marketing

With SpeedLine, obtain secure remote access to up-to-the-minute reports for individual location sales, labor, and inventory for timely consolidated reporting and integration. Push POS coupons, price changes, and setting updates down to stores. Automatically run and distribute reports and shrink your administrative costs from head office



Features That Set SpeedLine Apart


Conversational Ordering

Enter ordered items in any sequence while providing important nutritional information and allergens.


Defer Orders

Allow customers to pre-order for special events and holidays with order deferral available up to 30 days from order time.


Guided Ordering

Increase add-on sales with scripted, item-specific upselling prompts and directed order entry for completeness.


Item Routing
& Printing

Show specific menu items at specific prep stations and kitchen displays, like salads at the salad station.



Calculate multiple tax rates, exemptions, meal deals, special groups, and delivery-specific pricing with ease.


Flexible Coupons & Promotions

Utilize coupons with restrictions by quantity, time, or minimum purchase and handle multiple pricing structures.


Loyalty & Marketing

Attract and retain customers when you integrate loyalty programs, surveys, and smart coupon tools.



Utilize third-party integrations for reporting, loyalty, payroll, scheduling, video security, remote ordering, etc.


Planning & Forecasting

Simplify scheduling and food prep with projected daily and hourly sales, sales by day part and order type.

Additional Restaurant Types Where SpeedLine Thrives

SpeedLine’s POS is for more than just pizza—its suite of tools helps your staff process orders in the following environments.

QSR-customer-dislaysQuick Service & Fast Casual

These concepts require a system that excels in a fast-paced environment with:

  • On-the-spot customizations
  • Automated upselling prompts
  • Customer-facing displays
  • Item routing
  • Advanced coupon processing
  • Operations planning


Full-Service-Snippet-imageFull Service

Equip your staff with a full suite of tools to accommodate even the busiest Friday night dinners, including:

  • Customized floor plans
  • Table dashboard & service alerts
  • Check splitting
  • Kitchen displays
  • Item routing
  • Gift cards


Sandwich-POS-snippet-imageSubs & Sandwich

Operational differences like create-your-own subs, complex coupons, and meal deals mean that you require a more specialized point of sale, with:

  • Flexible coupon building
  • Directed order entry meal ordering prompts
  • Sandwich customization
  • Guided ordering
  • Upselling prompts
  • SpeedLine Menu Designer™ Topping Matrix



See What Our Customers Say


"Our SpeedLine POS system allows us to look and see where our deliveries are, or where they're not, which is probably more important. That allows us to pick an area and market to it just to promote those deliveries."

Mary Jane Riva, Pizza Factory


"We have already integrated our web and mobile orders with the new POS system to improve order accuracy and delivery times for our online customers.”

Fatih Ilcin, Uncle Fatih's


"I've been a SpeedLine user for 20 years - highly recommend the system. It's great for pickup and delivery in a pizzeria and has a little bit of a dine-in feature. And also, it's got a great online presence with SpeedDine. I encourage you to just give it a shot."

Lenny Rago, Panino's Pizza

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