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A pizza point of sale is designed differently—and for good reason. Pizza and delivery concepts have far more complex point of sale requirements than other quick service and dine-in restaurants.

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A Pizza POS

Fits Your Business

Operational differences like create-your-own pizzas, half-and-half  pizzas (even thirds or quarters), complicated coupons, and delivery dispatch mean that you require a more specialized point of sale. Unique tools such as:

  • SpeedLine LiveMaps™ visual dispatch,
  • SpeedDine® online ordering,
  • SpeedLine Pay™,
  • SpeedLine Inventory™,
  • and the SpeedLine Menu Designer™ Topping Matrix

have been developed in partnership with pizzeria owners like you.

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Speedy Tip
SpeedLine's unique Topping Matrix automatically determines how much of a requested topping to add to a make ticket, or remove from inventory, when a pizza or sandwich is ordered.


Every Second Counts

For pizza delivery, speed is essential—orders must fly out the door. Position yourself for success with a pizza POS designed specifically to manage every aspect of your pizzeria or delivery concept. With detailed delivery tracking and driver management, you can:

  • Deliver faster than ever
  • Keep costs in check
  • Dispatch with live online mapping data from LiveMaps
  • Auto-send addresses to your driver’s smartphone 
  • Send customers automated delivery notifications

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Speedy Tip
You can easily change your delivery zones at any time: drag boundaries, adjust quoted times, and change fees to cover your costs.



"Our SpeedLine POS system allows us to look and see where our deliveries are, or where they’re not, which is probably more important. That allows us to pick an area and market to it just to promote those deliveries."

Mary Jane Riva
Pizza Factory



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SpeedLine Connect for Chowly and ItsaCheckmate

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SpeedLine Connect for Chowly and ItsaCheckmate

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An employee entering orders into the pizza POS system with a line of customers behind the counter

Conversational Ordering

Keep Up with Customers

Can I get Canadian bacon on one half instead of ground beef? How many calories in a small pepperoni pizza? Conversational ordering lets you enter items and toppings in any sequence, as the customer orders. So customers may start over, but you don't have to. 

Designed for Your Menu

The SpeedLine® team partners with you to design a touchscreen menu specifically for your restaurant. You can program the menu to show nutritional information, allergens, or recipes at the touch of a button. A customer wants the usual? Touch to recall and reorder past items or full orders in an instant.

Kitchen Displays

Designed to organize operations in the back of house and replace kitchen printers, kitchen displays:

  • Save on paper, ink, and printers
  • Improve speed
  • Coordinate cook times: Orders are ready together
  • Fast track items for immediate prep, or delay them
  • Eliminate the need to print, hang, or call orders

A kitchen display system ensures that the right prep station sees the right order items at the right time. No orders are missed, and kitchen staff work more efficiently.

A hand pointing at a kitchen display in a pizzeria.

Speedy Tip
Set up custom delay timers on your display software to ensure all the items in an order are hot and ready when you need them, either for delivery or table service.

A POS showing a prompt asking an upselling question

Calculate the ROI on your new POS

Guided Ordering and Upselling

Get Orders Right the First Time

Increase add-on sales with scripted, item-specific upselling prompts and directed order entry. Directed Order Entry walks your order takers through value meals, while modifier prompts make sure things like salad dressings or crust type choices are always offered. 

Prompts to Increase Sales

Upselling prompts remind your staff to offer add-ons consistently and in a helpful way. This can help you sell more specialty items and high-margin extras.

By linking the sale of one item to a prompt for a larger size or extra topping, your staff will suggest the right thing at the right time, every time. Nothing is forgotten, even by new staff.

Item Routing and Printing

Customize your item routing to show only pizzas at the pizza make table, while only salads show at the salad prep area. You do this using make routes, which have printers assigned to them.

Each menu item in the order can be grouped and directed to a different make route, which then prints that item at the correct printer, or shows it on the correct kitchen display.


An employee using a make-ticket printer to prepare a pizza with pepperoni.

Four pizzas, all completely different to illustrate how pricing needs are different for each.

Accurate Pricing

The SpeedLine pricing engine ensures that prices are always accurate. Create easy custom prices for complex applications such as:

  • Create-your-own and portioned pizzas
  • Meal deals, coupons, and “2-for-1” discounts
  • Special groups like sports teams or schools
  • Automated “Pizza Tuesday” style pricing
  • Delivery or takeout specific pricing
  • Multiple tax rates and tax exemptions

Speedy Tip
You can create one master menu in SpeedLine, and still allow for regional or store-level pricing.

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Flexible Coupons and Promotions

Handle Virtually Any Coupon

Define rules for size substitutions and restrict coupons by the time of day or minimum purchase. Easily set up value meals and upselling offers.

Pizza Promotions

Multiple pricing promotions (2 for 1, 3 for 1, “4 for All”) require flexible pricing structures far beyond the capabilities of a typical restaurant or pizza POS. If multiple pricing is part of your business model, SpeedLine is a great fit for your restaurant.

A person thinking about coupons

A selection of reports


Cost control starts with good intel. SpeedLine reporting can help you gain new insight into food and labor costs, sales, trends, and forecasts through in-depth reports. Labor data helps keep staffing levels in line, and a Labor vs. Sales chart can help you visually understand the data.

Need something more specialized? With a bit of technical knowledge, you can use the SQL tool to design, run, and save a new report tailored to your pizzeria’s needs.

Speedy Tip
Use SpeedLine to customize reports so you can get exactly the figures you need.




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SpeedLine Cloud Reporting & Analytics™—The Power to Make Sound Decisions

Multi-Store Cloud Reporting & Analytics for SpeedLine POS

Make business decisions based on real-time data accessible from anywhere, at any time. Your Analytics subscription includes the ability to:

  • Review dashboards of key metrics in charted or tabular reports.
  • Filter store data by location, time, sales, and more.
  • Get email alerts when a value varies from your set threshold.
  • Drill into chart data, see trends, and identify discrepancies.
  • Export a dashboard to a PDF or image for printing or sharing.
  • And more!

Loyalty and Marketing

Keep your customers coming back with gift and loyalty programs, smart coupons and value meals, and data-driven, personalized service—all of which can be freely customized. 

Built for pizza and delivery, the customer database is at the core of a SpeedLine POS. The POS offers in-depth customer analysis, customer loyalty systems, database marketing, and easy compatibility with third-party marketing solutions. Use SpeedLine’s detailed reports and customer messaging tools to effectively plan and analyze results of marketing campaigns. 

Customer point balance displayed on a POS terminal to illustrate loyalty programs.

Speedy Tip
Database marketing is extremely effective for delivery/carryout operations—typically seven to ten times more effective than bulk mail promotions.

A restaurant chain head office in front of a map of the US

Enterprise Management

Whether you’re a part of a large pizza franchise or own an independent family restaurant, the scalable design of a SpeedLine system can handle your needs as you grow.

Standardize for efficiency, while managing the differences with a flexible enterprise POS. Use SpeedLine SpeedLink Enterprise™ to connect the POS systems in your restaurants with your accounting, marketing, and business intelligence systems at head office.

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Designed for pizza and “create-your-own” orders, SpeedLine Inventory was built to handle complex recipes. A detailed topping matrix simplifies recipe setup, so that you can accurately track the food cost of every half-and-half or create-your-own order.

Gain a new level of control over food costs by reviewing stock and margin reports, and detecting food losses with variance reports. SpeedLine Inventory will allow you to tie up less capital in stock, reduce waste, and improve margins.

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Speedy Tip
Setting up inventory for create-your-own pizzas using inventory software not specifically designed for pizza can become overly complicated and overwhelming to manage.

Sales forecasting for a pizzeria shown on the POS terminal

Planning & Forecasting

The SpeedLine Sales Forecast is at the heart of a sophisticated planning toolset. It provides you with accurate sales projections, based on previous sales data. 

  • See projected daily sales, hourly sales, and sales by day part and order type 
  • Push down sales targets from head office 
  • Compare this week’s sales data to the same time last year

The Sales Forecast also feeds sales data into SpeedLine’s Scheduling and Prep Planning tools, taking the guesswork out of scheduling staff and preparing food.

Have a buffet? Cut waste: SpeedLine POS can calculate how many pizzas are needed on the buffet table during the lunch and dinner rushes for each day of the week, and print out a prep report you can use in the kitchen to prep only what’s needed.

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