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Shrink credit card processing fees and avoid delivery chargebacks.

If you’ve found it challenging to justify upgrading to EMV when a large percentage of your sales are card-not-present, SpeedLine Pay is the answer.

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SpeedLine Pay with EMV: Increase delivery profit

No longer restricted to deliveries, you can use SpeedLine Pay to accept card payments anywhere your customers are: curbside, tableside indoors or out, or at your customers' doorstep.

SpeedLine Pay could save you hundreds of dollars each month in credit card processing costs and reduced chargebacks—including for online orders.

Offer customers the convenience and security of EMV payments wherever they are:

  • At the Door: SpeedLine Pay saves you money each month in credit card processing costs and reduced chargeback liability for delivery orders. All your delivery orders get the lower card-present rate, and your customers appreciate the easy tipping, convenient tapping, and chip card security.
  • Curbside or on the Patio: Give your customers the convenience of making secure EMV payments from their vehicles, or at a patio table.
  • Dining In: Guests can avoid crowded line-ups and waits at the till by paying at the table.

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1-888-400-9185 or fill in the form

Process payments at lower card-present rates.

  • Card-present rates can be up to 40% less than card-not-present transactions.A person paying by credit card using a bBpos Chipper
  • Depending on order volume, with EMV payment at the door, a pizzeria with delivery could save hundreds of dollars every month in reduced card processing rates.
  • When used with SpeedDine, online order payments for deliveries are processed at the door as well, at the same lower card-present rates.

With online ordering representing a growing percentage of many delivery operations’ sales, that represents significant savings and risk reduction.

Reduce or eliminate liability for all delivery chargebacks.

  • While some restaurant owners experience very few chargebacks, other operators report increasing losses every month in fraudulent delivery chargebacks. These can be costly in both lost revenue and time to dispute.
  • EMV payment at the door reduces this liability, adding to the savings for restaurant owners. It’s a game changer for profitable restaurant delivery.A BBPOS Chipper for accepting tap and chip cards at the door

What it includes.

  • SpeedLine Pay iOS and Android apps.
  • Affordable EMV mobile "chipper" device.

Call for information:
1-888-400-9185 or fill in the form

SpeedLine Pay is available in the U.S. only.

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