SpeedDine Brings Your Store Online

Modernize your business by offering a complete online ordering service that is customized to your brand. With SpeedDine, customers are effectively guided through the order and checkout process, and optionally presented with package deals and options to upsize or complete their meal along the way. Best of all, SpeedDine is designed for pizza and "create-your-own" orders, allowing it to handle even the most complex customer requests.

Fully Integrated With Your Point of Sale

Whether they use your SpeedDine site or your branded mobile app, customers get the same easy, responsive, mobile-friendly ordering experience. SpeedDine talks to your SpeedLine POS, automatically adding online customers to the store database, and displaying up-to-date coupons, out of stock items, store hours, and quoted times on your ordering site.

A blue pizza delivery car Speedy Tip: 70% of customers would prefer to order directly from a restaurant’s website or app, so that their money goes to the restaurant and not to a third-party delivery company.


5 SpeedDine Features You'll Love:

  • A fast ordering experience
  • Automatically updated prices
  • Reliability you can take for granted
  • Your branding front and center
  • An affordable monthly rate, with no per-order fees

Download the SpeedDine information sheet to find out more about how SpeedDine online ordering can improve the online ordering experience for both you and your customers.