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SpeedLine 8.0 R300:
Included in the Latest Release


SpeedLine Cloud Reporting & Analytics™—The Power to Make Sound Decisions


Multi-Store Cloud Reporting and Analytics for SpeedLine.

Now make business decisions based on real-time data that you can access from anywhere, anytime. Your Analytics subscription includes the ability to:

  • Review dashboards of key metrics and easily drill into the underlying data when investigating further.
  • View the most commonly used in-store reports.
  • Filter data by time period, store, and more, to focus on your key targets.
  • Get email alerts when a value varies from the threshold you set.
  • Export data, reports or dashboards to various formats such as Excel, csv or pdfs
  • Summarize the data from one, two or all of your locations or compare them side by side

Send Customer Surveys

  • Through an integration with Tattle, send surveys to customers after their orders are completed to gather valuable satisfaction feedback.

New Payment Devices

  • SpeedLine now supports the Ingenico Lane/7000 and the Lane/3600 pinpads in store and the Moby/5500 compact card reader for use with SpeedLine Pay.

Summon a DoorDash Driver for Deliveries

  • Through an integration with DoorDash Drive, store staff can summon a DoorDash driver by assigning a delivery to DoorDash on the Terminal Dispatch screen.
  • A new “3rd Party Delivery” button on the Tickets screen will filter the Tickets list to show only orders that came from DoorDash, or were sent to DoorDash Drive.
  • DoorDash orders can now be cancelled directly from Terminal, without needing to contact DoorDash.

Delivery Dispatch Notification Enhancement

  • You have the option of sending text messages to your customers when the driver is dispatched.

Pay Tips on Pay Period End

  • Pay credit card tips at the end of your pay period with other wages, rather than at bank close, and avoid cash shortages at the till.

More Options for Customizing Ticket Lists 

  • List the original source for tickets from 3rd-party sources like GrubHub and DoorDash to make order pickups faster.
  • Include the city name in ticket list addresses, to avoid confusion when your delivery area covers more than one town, and there are duplicated street names.

Summarize All Tips in One Report 

  • The Tip Details report now includes tips that were recorded to station banks when no employee was selected.
  • Managers can review station bank tips on a multi-day version of the report.

More Flexibility for Punchh Loyalty Rewards 

  • You can now set up Punchh loyalty rewards for a “free one-topping pizza” by adding more toppings. The reward coupon will only discount the price of the reward, so the customer pays the difference, but gets what they want.

New in SpeedDine

Updated interface means SpeedDine Admin is more mobile friendly than ever, and it’s easy to find the setting you need. Store owners and corporate offices can use the new “Company” tab to add Analytics accounts for their managers, and SpeedDine users can change many company-wide settings without the need to contact SpeedLine Support.

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This upgrade contains security fixes that apply to Monetra UniTerm and Store Manager, so SpeedLine customers will need to upgrade within 30 days of the public release to remain PCI compliant. 

While the information in this announcement is correct to the best of our knowledge, SpeedLine is not a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). Partner with a QSA to ensure your business complies with PCI DSS.

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If you have questions about the release, or special instructions for handling upgrade requests from franchisees, please contact your account manager or SpeedLine Support to discuss.


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Note: Premiere Support customers do not need to request the upgrade. SpeedLine Support will send you a notification of planned upgrade dates.


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