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SpeedDine is designed to handle even the most complex pizza orders while remaining straightforward for your restaurant to update in a matter of minutes.

Solutions Made For Online Ordering

Online-ordering-with-SpeedDine-no-backgroundDesigned For Pizza

SpeedDine provides a seamless online ordering experience that integrates directly with your SpeedLine POS. A solution that allows you to:
  • Ensure online pricing, out of stock items, and coupons always match the in-store POS
  • Accommodate complex "build your own" orders
  • Offer 2-for-1, 3-for-2, or 5-for-4 coupons and deals
  • Handle half-and-half pizzas (even thirds and quarters)



Did you know that 45% of consumers say they are more likely to order online if mobile ordering is available, according to Nation’s Restaurant News?

Whether your customers order from their phone, tablet, computer, or your branded mobile app, SpeedDine smoothly guides customers through the order and checkout process. Provide the seamless, fast, and reliable online ordering experience your customers expect.


Branded-app-no-backgroundBranded App

The SpeedDine mobile app puts your brand in front of customers every time they pick up their phone. You’ll be able to give hungry customers the same streamlined ordering experience they get on your SpeedDine website, but without searching. Your branded online ordering app will be available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.



With SpeedLine’s Cloud Reporting & Analytics, you can understand what drives your business, and increase your restaurant's profitability.

Cloud Reporting & Analytics allows you to:

  • View net online sales reports
  • Access the average online order size from your remote ordering sources
  • Determine which third-party ordering platforms are more successful for your restaurant
  • See trends and identify discrepancies


Brand Customization

SpeedDine - Featured Specials

Whether ordering as a guest or with a customer account, SpeedDine gives you the freedom to provide your customers with the same personalized online ordering brand experience.

With SpeedDine, you can customize your site with:

  • Mouth watering product imagery 
  • Appealing menu descriptions
  • User-friendly layouts and positioning
  • Recognizable branded logos
  • Highlight featured specials


Features That Set SpeedDine Apart



Conduct unlimited transactions for a low monthly flat rate. As your online sales increase, you pay less per order.


Secure, PCI-Compliant Transactions

SpeedLine software is PA-DSS validated for PCI compliance so your customers’ online transactions are always secure.


Upselling &

Naturally weave cross-selling and upselling prompts throughout the customer’s journey to increase sales.


Defer Orders

Allow customers to pre-order for special events and holidays with order deferral available up to 30 days from order time.


Time-Restricted Pricing

Set up designated times where prices on specific items automatically adjust— perfect for limited-time promotions.


Gift Cards & Loyalty

Using loyalty is a win-win: while your guests save money, you get more visits and increased brand engagement.

Ready To Strengthen Your Online Ordering Services?

Dive into the functionality you should look for in your online ordering platform that:
  • Provides a mobile-first online ordering experience
  • Utilizes upselling, price and coupon syncing
  • Handles portions and create-your own items
  • Integrates directly with your POS
  • Provides brand customization 
  • Promotes featured specials, seasonal items, and limited time offers

See What Our Customers Say


“Customers compliment us on how easy the website is to use and follow. “There’s no noticeable difference in the kitchen between orders taken on the phone, and orders made online,” says Longo. “They all go directly to my QSR kitchen monitor system the same.””

- Jeff Longo,
Owner, NYPD Pizza Hunter's Creek


Speedline does a great job with handling driver dispatch and return. Online ordering app is simple and easy to use. The system is intuitive.

- Adam Shorter,
Cosmo's Pizza


“Online orders are more efficient for us in the store. More orders placed online means less time talking on the phone. I love that SpeedDine is directly integrated. It’s basically an extension of our POS that everyone can access to place their orders.”

- Ramon Collado,
Owner, Mama's Pizza & Grill

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