“SpeedLine worked flawlessly as usual. 9 stations, 440 orders, 1600 pizzas and sides. And with LiveMaps we had 2 new drivers deliver the whole night without any management intervention.”
Pirates Pizza


“LiveMaps and emailing drivers the link for directions is such a life saver
Supremo’s Pizza

Live map and traffic data drive efficiency

Manage your delivery service with live map & traffic information:
  • Control deliveries and drivers efficiently with visual dispatch.
  • Visual expediting lets drivers handle more orders in the same time. 

    “LiveMaps is awesome. It's especially helpful in teaching employees how to dispatch deliveries. They no longer have to know all the streets in our delivery territory; they can just look at the TV and see which deliveries are in the same direction to send them out.”
    Gino’s New York

  • Your drivers don’t get lost. Even new drivers!
  • Your customers know when to expect their orders—even in rush hour.
  • And your deliveries are on time.

Visual analytics increase profit

  • Heat map views of delivery performance highlight problem zones and neighborhoods.
  • A map view of customer coupon usage helps you target mailings effectively. See where your sales are coming from!

“The mapping feature for setting up delivery zones is great - very user friendly, intuitive, and powerful.”
Cozzola’s Pizza

“We can look at the [LiveMaps] heat map a week later and see what kind of business were we getting before the mailer and what did we get after,” he said. “That will help us make some business decisions with our next mailer in terms of where we want to focus.”
HotBox Pizza 

Fine-tune your delivery service


“With delivery being an immense part of our business, LiveMaps is particularly important to us.  Tracking delivery locations on a simple and interactive map makes all the difference.”
Dagwoods New York Style Pizza