“LiveMaps and emailing drivers the link for directions is such a life saver”.

Supremo’s Pizza

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“SpeedLine worked flawlessly as usual. 9 stations, 440 orders, 1600 pizzas and sides. And with LiveMaps we had 2 new drivers deliver the whole night without any management intervention.”

Pirates Pizza

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“With delivery being an immense part of our business, LiveMaps is particularly important to us.  Tracking delivery locations on a simple and interactive map makes all the difference.”

Dagwoods New York Style Pizza

An infographic showing the different parts and features of a delivery solution

Manage deliveries with live maps
and traffic information

  • Control deliveries and drivers efficiently with visual dispatch.
  • Visual expediting lets drivers handle more orders in the same time.  


Drive profitability with
visual analytics

  • Heat map views of delivery performance highlight problem zones and neighborhoods.
  • A map view of customer coupon usage helps you target mailings effectively. See where your sales are coming from! 


Fine tune your delivery service
and increase profit

  • Your drivers don’t get lost. Even new drivers!
  • Your customers know when to expect their orders—even in rush hour.
  • And your deliveries are on time.