Customer Displays

Customer Presentation Displays

Do you have customer-facing screens on the back of your POS stations? If not, you’re missing out on a huge potential for improving the ordering process for both your employees and your customers. Below are some of the biggest benefits of having customer displays.

Upsell with Mouthwatering Images 

People, especially hungry people, are very susceptible to images of food, which you can use to your advantage by showing them images of your delicious menu during the ordering process. With a customer display, you can set up a slideshow of your various dishes, which can encourage customers to order additional items that they might not have otherwise ordered. 

Improve Accuracy with Order Details

Messed-up orders cost you money and sour your relationships with your customers. But with the help of customer displays, you can greatly increase your order accuracy. By displaying the order details on the customer-facing screen, it makes it easy for customers to verify that everything is entered properly before the order is sent to the kitchen.

Ads or Prompts to Inform Customers

Do you have a good sale going on or a special event coming up? With a customer display, you can inform everyone about it during the ordering process. It’s essentially a built-in marketing tool that you can set and forget.

Check out our video below to see even more ways that you can use customer displays to improve your restaurant.

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