Turning Tables

Using Visual Indicators at the POS to Manage Dine-In Service Performance

Dine-in profit gains are often directly proportional to improvements in table turnover. When speed of service improves the guest experience, everyone wins.

A map of the restaurant and an erasable marker does the job of assigning guests to tables. But the visual service cues and alerts in your POS system give your team new insight to help them serve guests faster, measure and improve staff performance, and ultimately increase restaurant profitability.

Turning Tables


Service Cues

Visual cues speed service and simplify training. The graphical table service floor plans in a point of sale system such as SpeedLine POS are color-coded to show greeters and servers the status of every table: when guests are seated, ordered, and served. It is also obvious at a glance if a server is handling more than their share of tables or guests.

That makes training painless for hostess staff—and helps them do a better job.



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