Quick Service

Beat the Rush

It’s in our name.

Speed. Looking to improve results and grow faster in a quick service or fast casual concept? Choose a POS solution that scales with you as you add stations and new locations, and helps you serve every customer faster and more professionally.

  • Speed up counter service and drive-thru with directed order entry, smart combos, and efficient kitchen routing.
  • Control costs with a complete suite of back office tools for labor, prep planning, inventory, reporting, and marketing.
  • Easily connect all your locations and information systems to streamline operations chain-wide.

Need help beating the meal-time rush? Don't make your customers wait—choose a POS built for speed.

Beat the rush

Everything you need for quick service in one system.

Kitchen Displays

Keep orders moving efficiently along the makeline with fully integrated displays from industry leader QSR Automations.

Online Ordering

Web and mobile ordering give your customers convenient new ways to order and time to browse your menu selections.  

Upsell Prompts

Create seamless upselling opportunities by linking the sale of one item to a prompt for a larger size or a second item.

Data Driven

Collect, connect, and use data. Use information about customers, employees, and transactions to personalize service, control labor and food costs, and target marketing efforts.

PCI Compliance

PCI is complex. Let our QIR certified experts install PA-DSS validated POS software—or train your in-house installation team—to safeguard your customer data and keep you compliant.

Friendly Support

Count on reliable support: join the more than 90% of SpeedLine users who subscribe to our top-rated support services.

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“SpeedLine has improved the ease and speed in handling and tracking customers.”


– Jim Dingman, Blue Springs Fun House

More from SpeedLine Customers

Labor & Food Cost Controls

Control your costs.

Even before you open for the day, SpeedLine is at work. Keep costs in check with recommended forecasts, labor, and prep plans. Add controls to block waste and theft, and enforce labor rules. With detailed reports on demand (in store and above store), see inside your business with new clarity.

Control your costs
Beat the rush

Order Entry, Value Meals and Coupons

Speed up order entry.

Get orders right the first time with easy order entry. Your touchscreen menu is designed for your restaurants. Add a complete value meal with the touch of a button, or build a meal with interactive prompts for each choice. Built in upselling prompts train your staff to automatically ask to upsize, or create a combo meal. What  pizza include scallops? included modifiers 

Sometimes your customers or staff have questions. Is there crab on a seafood pizza? How many calories in a large salami sub? How do I make a Mojito? Program the menu to show nutritional information, allergens, or recipes at the touch of a button to help staff serve customers better, faster. 

Try it for yourself.

Try it: Start the video, and follow the instructions on screen as it walks you through a basic deferred order.


Take an order.

Line-Busting Tablets

Shorten wait times.

Help the next person in line—without adding more terminals at the counter. Quickly take orders and payment anywhere to reduce lineups and wait times. SpeedLine works wirelessly with compatible Windows-based tablets, for flexible order taking.

More about Tablets

Line-busting tablets
Gear up for growth

Integration & Training Options

Gear up for growth.

Is your company growing fast? Be ready to scale your business with a POS that can integrate with third party systems, including kitchen displays, video security systems, mobile ordering and self-service kiosks.

Get your team up to speed with on-site training and a library of free online training videos and tutorials. Give them safe hands-on experience with "training mode." Ready to add more locations? Ask about our certification program to shrink rollout and support costs.

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Your ROI

What's the bottom line?

If you're moving from pen and paper to your first point of sale system, it's easy to quantify where you'll save—reducing errors, paper costs, and missed charges for dipping sauce and other extras.

Converting from another POS system? You'll see the ROI in other areas. Here are a few of the ways our customers profit from the move to SpeedLine point of sale:


Cory Medd, Two Guys and a Pizza Place

"20% more add-on sales"

By building strategic upselling into order flow, you systematize add-on sales. With intelligent prompts built into order entry screens, even your newest staff can upsell consistently.

Gabe Connell

Gabe Connell, Hotbox Pizza

"Food costs down 3 to 5%"

Identify and cut out waste and theft. From forecast to prep to portion and inventory controls, you'll have the tools to minimize waste and trim costs where it matters most.

Cash Shelton, Freddy's Frozen Custard

Cash Shelton, Freddy's Frozen Custard

"We move the line quicker"

At events,speed is the key to being invited back. "When multiple trucks are present we move the line quicker and more efficiently than most.”