Above Store Connections

See more clearly into your business.

SpeedLink Enterprise above store gives you consolidated numbers to manage your restaurant chain’s performance and solve problems. Connect the POS systems in your restaurants with your accounting, marketing, and business intelligence systems at your head office.

Our store operators appreciate the SpeedLine system for its reliability and ease of use, but we also see great strategic value: we expect to recover our investment in part by leveraging the data from our corporate stores for analysis at head office.


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Above Store Connections. See more clearly into your business. chain restaurant pos
Enterprise Reporting. Data-driven operation. chain restaurant pos

Enterprise Reporting

Data-driven operation.

Save time by automating reports. SpeedLink pulls sales, employee, payroll, customer, delivery and inventory data from your stores and consolidates it for easy daily reporting. Use built-reports or create your own using MS Report Server, Crystal Reports and any other third-party SQL Server based reporting applications.

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Centralized control.

You can’t be in every location at once; nor should you have to be. Administer your restaurants and point of sale systems centrally from head office for brand consistency.

Menu Management

Menu management chain restaurant pos

Handle regional and store-to-store differences in a single menu file. Package and push updates and upgrades down to store POS systems using scheduled delivery and effective dates. 


Labor chain restaurant pos

Manage payroll centrally from head office, or at individual stores. Integrated scheduling, labor planning and time clock controls improve your labor efficiency.


Marketing - enterprise chain POS

See the impact of price adjustments and marketing campaigns immediately. Analyze buying trends. Manage promotions and marketing from head office.


Open architecture for seamless integration.

Tap into SpeedLine to connect new and existing head office systems—financial and payroll systems, business intelligence, purchasing and ERP, marketing and loyalty.

The open architecture of the SpeedLine point of sale system supports your integration strategy and business goals. SpeedLine provides consolidated and detailed data from all your restaurants in multiple formats, for seamless integration with your current above store systems.

Learn More: EventStream for Integrations

Open architecture for seamless integration - chain restaurant pos.

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