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KPI Reporting and Data Analytics

Get the financial facts with SpeedLine POS software. From sales, to customer data, to labor stats, SpeedLine's customizable reports take the guesswork out of managing your restaurant.


Customizable report options.

Customizable report options.

SpeedLine comes with dozens of pre-built reports, created in consultation with restaurant owners to provide you with the most frequently requested data in the best format. A report options wizard lets you quickly customize date range, export format, and more, for each report, and then save the options you picked for next time.

Need something more specialized? With a bit of technical knowledge, you can use the SQL tool to design, save, and run a new report tailored to your business needs.


Export data for seamless integration.

The data in your POS is more valuable if you can access it your way. Export SpeedLine customer reports to access all data fields, and work with the data in Microsoft Excel or another application. It's as simple as selecting the "export" format in the report options wizard.

Automate the process and export data from your POS at the end of each day:

  • Export the day's accounting information for import into your accounting software.
  • Export customer information in a text file for use by SpeedMail or another 3rd-party marketing program.
  • Export employee data, schedules, and shifts to a payroll program.
  • Export sales forecast data.
  • Export inventory ideal usage.

SpeedLine can also work together with your existing accounting and payroll systems to save you hundreds of hours of manual bookkeeping every year.

If you use QuickBooks®, PeachTree®, or Simply Accounting®, set SpeedLine to create your general journal file automatically each night when you run your store’s day end. Import the day’s journal file into your accounting software in just seconds.

If you have your own above store accounting system, you can easily push the data from your restaurants to head office with SpeedLink Enterprise, for centralized payroll and accounting. 

See how Happy Joe's connected their stores with head office accounting systems.

export data for seamless integration
Enterprise reporting made easy.

Enterprise reporting made easy.

How much time do you spend gathering performance data from your stores? Re-keying it? Reporting on it? Sending it out to all the people who need to see it?

Automate the entire process with SpeedLine SpeedLink Enterprise™. SpeedLink provides all the information you need, live, every day, from all your stores. Push data from the stores on customer sales, coupon usage, transactions, employees, inventory, and sales forecasts.

Use the pre-defined SpeedLink reports, or create your own using the built-in report builder, MS Report Server, Crystal Reports, or other third-party reporting applications. 

If you have your own above store accounting system, you can easily push the data from your restaurants to head office with SpeedLink Enterprise, for centralized payroll and accounting.

Find Out More About SpeedLink Enterprise.

Visual analytics for instant understanding.

SpeedLine's unique summary views of key performance measures are more powerful than any printed report. Use the interactive Sales Summary to compare sales KPIs over different time periods, and dive into the Item Summary for new insight into what's really moving on your menu and what's not.

Select any date range; group data by day, week, month, or year; and add or remove columns of data. You can see a quick rundown of your sales for the month and look at high and low periods. If anything appears unusual, you can easily drill down to details by day to identify problems or new opportunities. And all the data exports with a click to Excel for further analysis.

The Labor vs. Sales chart lets you compare sales versus labor at any time during the day, or over a range of days, and adjust your staffing accordingly.

Visual analytics for instant understanding.
Know your customers better.

Know your customers better.

Customer reports provide details to help you evaluate and analyze buying patterns and design effective marketing programs. Customize your reports by date range, zip code, order value, frequency of purchase, type of order, and more. These reports are the key to effective and profitable targeted marketing.

Find out who your best customers are and send them a thank you. Motivate lazy customers with a winning coupon offer. Easily print mailing labels, or export reports to Excel for more control. Using LiveMaps, see a "heat map" of delivery, coupon usage, or sales data projected on a map of your trade area.


Secure remote access.

Connect to your restaurant from anywhere—mobile device, home, hotel, office, laptop, or even another store. Get report data when you need it to make timely decisions. SpeedLine SpeedWeb™ lets you see key store stats from anywhere, at any time.

What are the current sales numbers? Labor vs. sales? Have any red-flag activities been recorded? Find out by securely connecting to the store with SpeedWeb.

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Secure remote access.
Loss prevention.

Loss prevention.

The reports included with SpeedLine give you the ability to detect and monitor activity that may lead to internal losses. Early detection means you can investigate suspicious activity early, before it costs your business a lot of money.

  • See change downs, suspicious discounts or voids, unusual login attemps, and more in the "Notable Activities" section of the up-to-the-minute DayReport.
  • Use the System Events report to track activities that may indicate misuse, such as canceling a ticket, using training mode, or overriding security permissions.

Monitor and manage employees.

A full range of employee reports helps you comply with regulations, motivate staff, reward employees who are performing well, and see coaching opportunities.

Export shifts automatically at pay period end to import into RUN by ADP, or another payroll application.

Who's driver's license or insurance is up for renewal? Who has passed a probation or anniversary milestone? Who's sold the most pizzas or wings? Are discount amounts higher than normal for a certain employee? SpeedLine can tell you this, and much more.

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Monitor and manage employees.

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