There's a reason pizza and delivery chains are driving the biggest changes in restaurant technology today.

Pizza and delivery are different—and a lot more complex at the point of sale.

When they first opened, Mama’s Pizza & Grill, a growing chain in Reading and Shillington, PA, handled everything by pen and paper, including deliveries. That soon became overwhelming for owner Ramon Collado and his staff. They purchased a point of sale system that could handle their orders, but not their deliveries.

What Mama’s Pizza & Grill needed wasn’t just a point of sale system for restaurants—they needed a POS built for pizza and delivery. 

Find out what they learned—and how you can use that knowledge to choose the right fit the first time for your pizza or delivery concept.

In this guide, find out:

  • Why most POS systems can’t handle your menu
  • How your concept and operational practices determine your POS needs
  • How the right POS will drive delivery efficiency
  • How correcting a poor choice can turn things around 
  • How to choose the best POS for your pizza or delivery restaurant

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