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SpeedLine Launches SpeedLine 8 with Cloud Reporting & Analytics

Date: 31-3-2022

ABBOTSFORD, BC –SpeedLine Solutions Inc. has launched SpeedLine 8 with Cloud Reporting & Analytics.

SpeedLine 8 brings new features and integrations to reporting, online ordering, and more. Some of the most notable features of this release are Cloud Reporting and Analytics, enabling users to see real-time reports of key metrics in their restaurant on any web-enabled device to help make more informed decisions. The integration with DoorDash Drive allows stores to request DoorDash Drive drivers at times of in-house delivery driver shortages.

“In the past two years, with the ongoing pandemic, we have seen much of our world advance digitally, and pizza is no different,” John deWolde, SpeedLine’s President & CEO, says. “Pizza continues to lead the evolution in the digital food ordering world. With SpeedLine 8, store owners can access their hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual sales, promotions, and delivery performance in simple, easy-to-read dashboards and drill into the underlying data with a single touch anytime, anywhere. Multi-unit owners or franchisors can compare their store’s performance in a single view.

SpeedLine 8 focuses on simplifying processes with new features and upgrades that will save time and create peace of mind for pizzeria staff, management, and owners. Users can look forward to added fields on tickets, additional tip management options, increased coupon functionality, and enhanced reporting features.

“We believe that our company must continue evolving and advancing our products as the industry evolves, providing our customers with the tools for success in their business. We are proud that SpeedLine 8 will save pizzeria owners’ time, helping them see deeper into their business metrics to support their decision making, and helping to increase their profitability,” says John deWolde, SpeedLine’s President & CEO.

Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream Selects SpeedLine Solutions Inc. As Their Exclusive Online Ordering Provider

Date: 15-6-2021

ABBOTSFORD, BC – Happy Joe's Pizza & Ice Cream recently announced that it has selected SpeedLine Solutions Inc. as its exclusive online ordering provider.

Headquartered in Iowa, Happy Joe's is a family-centric pizza concept with eight company-owned and 35 franchise locations throughout the Midwest. The rapidly growing concept has mandated SpeedLine's online ordering platform, SpeedDine, company-wide as part of its new technology strategy. By ensuring all of its corporate and franchise locations are using the same system, Happy Joe's has been able to create an even happier experience for its customers.

"It's nice to have a solution from an old partner of ours that works for the entire chain," said Happy Joe's Chief Financial Officer Hollie Matthys. "We've been working with SpeedLine for almost 20 years and we've had great reactions from guests about the site. They've told us it looks nice and it's so easy to order."

Dion’s Pizza Selects SpeedLine Solutions Inc. As Their Exclusive POS Provider

Date: 26-5-2021

SpeedLine Solutions Inc. has been announced as the exclusive POS provider for Dion’s Pizza, a 25-location chain headquartered in New Mexico, and with additional locations in Colorado and Texas.

Dion’s began vetting new point of sale systems a few years ago. They were testing a generalized POS product when they decided to switch directions and go with a POS system designed for their specific needs.

SpeedLine Introduces New Mobile Payment Solution

Date: 22-3-2021

SpeedLine Solutions Inc. now has more mobile payment options for customers.

Throughout the past year, the restaurant model has changed to adapt to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19. In response, many of SpeedLine's customers have offered alternative delivery and pick-up options to minimize contact with the end consumer. 

Colorado Pizza Chain Selects SpeedLine as Point of Sale Provider

Date: 26-9-2019

Cosmo’s Pizza has selected SpeedLine point of sale as the exclusive POS technology partner for their Colorado-based pizza chain. Earlier this month, Cosmo’s finished installing SpeedLine POS in all five locations.

Product gives smaller pizzerias branded ordering apps

Date: 3-10-2019

Delivery POS developer, SpeedLine Solutions Inc. said it has launched a new online ordering app for restaurants called SpeedDine online ordering, which allows restaurant brands to offer customers branded Android or iOS ordering apps, a news release said. 

The capability means customers no longer need to search online for specific website, which can often mean they are usurped by competitor before ever locating the brand they are seeking. 

Each SpeedDine app pulls all pricing and tax information from the store POS terminals to ensure accuracy and all orders directly route into the restaurants POS to be routed to printers or kitchen displays, just like orders placed on site. 

SpeedLine Solutions Moves to New 18,000 sq. ft. Abbotsford Headquarters to Support Growth

Date: 15-11-2018

Vancouver, BC, November 15, 2018--SpeedLine Solutions Inc, an Abbotsford-based software company for more than 20 years, announced this week that it has moved into a new headquarters last month at 3899 Mt. Lehman Road.

The new 17,953 square foot office space includes extensive office and meeting space, a full-featured call center, and employee amenities including multiple kitchens, lounge, games room, and ample parking.

The company, which also operates a US warehouse and installation facility in Lynden, Washington, had occupied its previous location on Townline Road since 2003, expanding the facility twice as the SpeedLine team grew from a staff of 20 to 75.

Coconut Kenny’s Restaurant Group Selects SpeedLine POS for Expansion

Date: 26-10-2018

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Coconut Kenny’s has selected SpeedLine point of sale as the exclusive POS technology partner for its Northern Washington based-pizza and sandwich restaurant chain. To date, Coconut Kenny’s has installed new SpeedLine systems in three locations, with more installations planned this year and in early 2019.

Coconut Kenny’s owner Chay Tan made his point of sale selection at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas earlier this year. 

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