Employee Management

Take the guesswork out of scheduling.

Predictive analytics let you develop a schedule based on historical and projected sales for the week, and drastically reduce instances of over (and under) staffing. The Employee Scheduling system in SpeedLine even accounts for order types, and lunch and dinner peaks, meaning you can schedule the right mix of servers, drivers and cashiers to handle the workload.

Simplify scheduling by always knowing when your staff is available. Quickly and easily adjust availability and days off, and have alerts remind you when you are trying to schedule an employee who isn’t available. The convenient drag-and-drop scheduler helps you schedule by job and skill set. 

"Stores that switched from pen-and-paper scheduling to SpeedLine not only cut labor costs by 3 to 5%, they also reduced the time spent on scheduling each week from more than an hour to just 15 minutes."

Jeremy Heersink
Pizza Ranch

Take the guesswork out of scheduling.
Monitor your labor with the SpeedLine employee dashboard.

Monitor your labor.

SpeedLine’s built-in time clock tracks employee’s hours and breaks. Set the number of minutes your employees can clock in or out before and after shifts without a manager override to prevent time-clock abuse. Since the original schedule is saved in SpeedLine, you can easily see all time clock edits, who made them, and monitor shift changes.

  • Export your time clock data to ADP, or a custom format for fast and accurate payroll. 
  • Track employee sales and customer service performance with a range of reports and dashboard views of labor stats and drive performance KPIs.
  • Stay on top of front of house, dine-in staff performance with a dashboard view of service alerts and a one-stop dashboard view of key dining and server performance metrics.

Control access to vital systems.

Prevent employee theft and mistakes by only allowing your employees access to the tools they need to do their jobs. Always know who did what by requiring numerical IDs, swipe cards, or fingerprint ID to access the POS. Require manager overrides for certain functions, such as discounts and comps.

Control access to vital systems.

Employee Management Guide Want to learn more about how your POS can help you manage your staff?

Employee Management Guide

Want to learn more about how your POS can help you manage your staff?

Easily comply with labor regulations.

Avoid fines and penalties by ensuring your employees’ insurance, certifications and licenses are valid by tracking expiration dates. SpeedLine allows you to enter expiration dates into the system, and will not allow your employees to clock in if their insurance or certifications have expired.

Track skills for easy scheduling and management of skill-based pay differences. If you have servers that are under the age of majority and cannot serve liquor, or regulations require your high school aged employees to not be scheduled more than 10 hours a week, use SpeedLine’s employee records to track this information. Now, your underage server cannot be scheduled alone, and an alert will let you know if you try to schedule too many hours for your student workers.  

Easily comply with labor regulations.
keep employees in the loop

Keep coworkers in the loop.

Allow employees and managers on different work schedules to communicate effectively. Send a message and optionally require confirmation that they have read it. SpeedLine saves a copy and provides a history of ongoing communications.

Get new employees up to speed.

Easily set up employee profiles, jobs, pay rates, and security settings at the store, or push from head office to onboard new staff quickly.

Help familiarize your new staff by letting them work in “training mode.” Learn upselling scripts and practice order entry without jeopardizing real transactions. 

Get new employees up to speed.