SpeedLine 7 Delivery

Improve delivery efficiency and speed of service with cutting edge live mapping technology.

SpeedLine LiveMaps™ is a new generation visual toolset for expediting orders and managing delivery performance.

Beyond maps and turn-by-turn delivery instructions LiveMaps also maps delivery zones automatically by drive time, gives you visual analytics of your delivery area, and geocodes and verifies delivery addresses.

SpeedLine LiveMaps display options

The real value? Instant, visual insight into what’s happening with your deliveries—information you can use can use to deliver orders faster, with fewer errors, and cut labor costs.

“Love that we can map the deliveries to group orders together for faster delivery times.” – Cheezy’s Pizza & Subs

Your drivers and expeditors get a live view of current deliveries and zones. They can quickly sort and group by location for efficient delivery, and see key stats on each waiting order in a map view that’s simply more intuitive than a list of orders on a screen.

By pushing the map view to a big-screen TV on the wall, everyone can easily see your current orders and order status on a map from anywhere in the kitchen.

“LiveMaps is awesome,” says SpeedLine user David Astarita of Gino’s New York. “It’s especially helpful in teaching employees how to dispatch deliveries. They no longer have to know all the streets in our delivery territory; they can just look at the TV and see which deliveries are in the same direction to send them out.”

See which drivers are out, and what time they’re due back—for better visibility into driver staffing levels and requirements. Compare your drivers' reported mileage with the expected drive distance each shift.

Take the next step beyond delivery directions: LiveMaps gives you real-time information in a visual, instantly accessible form you can put to work to speed up deliveries and improve overall efficiency in the restaurant.

What it Does
  • Visual dispatch with live, current map data
  • Accurate drive time and mileage tracking
  • Maps and directions to drivers’ phones for hands-free navigation
    Ensure drivers obey driving laws regarding driving and safe use of mobile devices.
  • Separate expeditor display option for fast visual delivery run selection
  • Live digital wall map on a large-screen TV with current orders and delivery zones
  • Heat map visual analytics into your customers' purchase history for new insight into market reach and opportunities
  • Zone boundaries by drive time, or other methods, and free zone updates
  • No ongoing charges for data updates
  • Geocoding and address verification—no need to purchase a street database
What You Get
  • Consistent on time deliveries
  • Lower labor costs
  • Increased delivery revenue
  • Simplified driver training
  • Driver accountability

SpeedLine 7 LiveMaps

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