Customer of the Month: Travis Miller, Cottage Inn Pizza

Travis Miller with Cottage Inn PizzaSince opening the first restaurant to serve pizza in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1948, Cottage Inn Pizza has grown to more than 55 Midwest locations. Famous for their pizza, Cottage Inn also serves a diverse menu of Italian and Greek dishes.

This week, we profile Customer Of The Month, Travis Miller. Miller started his Cottage Inn career as a driver in 2013, and was promoted to a management position in Corporate Accounting. The chain’s rapid growth required new systems and IT support, and facilitated a transition for Travis. Today, Travis is the Technical & Financial Operations Manager for Cottage Inn Management.

The first SpeedLine system was installed in Cottage Inn in 2008, and Cottage Inn named SpeedLine as the exclusive POS provider for corporate and new franchise locations in 2013.

“SpeedLine POS has made a tremendous impact on our business. With many customization options, the system allows us to have flexibility in our processes, security options, and reporting.” says Miller.

The Cottage Inn restaurants use LiveMaps Visual Dispatch with the optional secondary map screen at all of their corporate locations, and recommend this configuration to franchise locations as well. “LiveMaps has been a great addition to the SpeedLine system”, explains Miller, “It allows managers to expedite delivery orders more efficiently, provides our delivery drivers with a sense of which direction they’re heading, and can even give them with turn-by-turn directions on their phones. As a result, we’ve seen increased delivery performance, which has resulted in higher customer satisfaction.”

Cottage Inn locations also use SpeedLine Connect to integrate web and mobile ordering, increasing sales and reducing labor costs.

Above store, Cottage Inn uses SpeedLink Enterprise to evaluate single and multi-level store performance. “SpeedLink Reporter automatically emails reporting to our management staff,” Miller comments, adding, “Our team also uses SpeedLink to manage our store menus and settings. This is critical to effectively manage menu consistency and online ordering integration.”

When asked for his advice on what to look for in a point of sale system, Miller goes on to say, “The most important consideration is whether or not the system can meet your needs as far as menu functionality and customization. It’s important that the POS is capable of meeting operational requirements and has a user friendly interface that can be easily taught to store-level employees.”

“Most important,” Miller adds, “I recommend speaking with staff from support and development. Because these are the people you’ll be working with for any future needs, it’s important to understand their availability and knowledge of the product.”

SpeedLine support has been “a wonderful resource,” Miller comments. “With minimal hold times and exceptional operating hours, SpeedLine support is money well spent.” He adds, “As a customer, there is no better feeling than having the support you need, when you need it.”


Posted on Mon, Dec 14, 2015 @ 07:12 AM.
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