3 Ways to Boost Customer Experiences with Technology

Posted by Natalie Korz

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Delivering exceptional customer experiences isn't just a goal — it's the key to thriving in a competitive landscape. Technology plays a pivotal role in reshaping how restaurants connect with their patrons, offering avenues for personalization, efficiency, and unparalleled service. By harnessing the power of technological innovations, restaurants can redefine the very essence of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Here are three ways you can use technology to improve your restaurant's customer experience.


1. Curate Personalized Services

Customers expect a dining experience tailored to their ordering preferences and habits — a generic upsell won't have the same effect as one crafted based on marketing and loyalty program insights. There are several technologies designed to convert one-time guests into repeat customers effectively, such as:

Loyalty programs: Offer discounts for frequent diners, exclusive access to new menu items or seasonal specials, and send personalized coupons based on customer preferences.

Survey and feedback management: Actively seek and respond to customer feedback to improve satisfaction and loyalty, then use it to address service issues promptly and acknowledge positive experiences to reinforce customer loyalty.

Targeted marketing campaigns: Utilize data from your POS to segment customers by their order history, location, and loyalty status. Encourage repeat visits and increase spending by publishing targeted ads and promotions.

These technologies all have one thing in common: leveraging POS data to enhance customer engagement. Building on this concept, restaurants can use advanced analytics and reporting to drill into underlying data like coupons and discounts, gross sales, net sales, delivery performance, and customer order sources, ultimately allowing you to leverage POS data to enhance customer engagement.

2. Build an Omnichannel Experience

It's crucial to meet your customers where they are while providing a consistent ordering experience — whether it's online ordering platforms, dine-in, mobile apps, social media channels, or via phone calls, it needs to be seamless. For example, a customer might notice your restaurant on their way home from work, look up reviews on Google, before finally ordering through DoorDash. Although each touchpoint in their ordering journey offers different information, it needs to provide a consistent brand experience. If even one channel has different branding and messaging or offers a poor user experience, it can become confusing or frustrating enough that customers ultimately abandon their orders. To create an impactful omnichannel customer experience, your website, mobile app, social media profiles, and brick-and-mortar location(s) must offer consistent brand messaging, quality, and service through every step of the customer's ordering journey. 

3. Optimize the Online Ordering Process

Roughly 70% of customers prefer ordering food online when given the choice. Your restaurant's online ordering processes need to be efficient, accurate, easy to use, and mobile-friendly. Lacking in even one of these areas can drastically cut into your profits. Review your restaurant's online ordering data and search for areas of improvement. Consider areas like abandoned carts, underperforming menu items, and placement of featured dishes or promotions.

If you’re having trouble deciding where to begin, consider one of these common points of friction: 

  • Images: Adding professional, high-quality images to your menu items can increase sales by 30%.

  • Menu navigation: 37% of customers say difficulty navigating your online menu will make them abandon your cart.

  • Menu descriptions: Using descriptive words in your menu can boost sales by 27%.


In the dynamic realm of modern dining, the fusion of technology and hospitality isn’t just a trend —it’s a strategic imperative. Leveraging technology allows restaurants to craft personalized experiences, seamlessly integrate omnichannel strategies, and optimize online ordering processes. These advancements not only enhance operational efficiency but also cultivate deeper connections with patrons, fostering loyalty and elevating overall dining experiences. By embracing these innovations, restaurants can not only thrive but lead in an industry where exceptional service is the ultimate ingredient for success.

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