Wireless Best Practices for Tablet POS

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Tablet point of sale systems are growing in popularity because of their capacity to improve efficiency and mobility within the restaurant. But this new mobility in the restaurant relies on your mPOS tablets being properly connected to the network.


Multiple Networks

First and foremost, your wireless network for payment processing and point of sale should be completely separated from any public networks, including the wifi you may be offering to customers. To be compliant with PCI, the Cardholder Data Environment where credit cards are processed must be physically separated from any other wireless access to the internet.

If you do choose to set up multiple networks, ensure they are labeled clearly. Name your internal network—the one you will use for payment processing and your point of sale—to ensure staff clearly recognize it as such, and choose a more inviting name, such as “Speedy Pizza Guest,” for your public wifi network.



Multiple Connection Points

When setting up your network, walk the entire restaurant with a tablet to check for wifi dead zones. You may need to place several routers or repeaters in strategic locations to ensure full coverage.

Do you have a summer patio that will need a good connection? Tableside order entry on your patio can speed up service considerably because servers don’t need to run in and out of the restaurant to place orders. If you are setting up wireless in the fall or winter, don’t forget to check the wireless connection to outdoor patio areas.


Keep the Network Secure

To separate your Cardholder Data Environment from the internet and the wireless POS network, SpeedLine recommends a SonicWALL network security device, which will protect your network from malicious web traffic and can manage rules for access.

PCI DSS rules also require your wireless router password to be changed at least once every 90 days. Set a recurring reminder on your calendar to stay compliant.

SpeedLine customer? Call Support before you begin setting up your network for advice.

Once your network is set up and secure, you can start taking orders from anywhere in your store on your tablet POS. As a SpeedLine customer, you can unlock these possibilities with a Windows Surface Pro or Go tablet paired with a Link 2500.



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