3 Equipment Essentials for Effective Pizzeria Operations

By Tricia Hoy

As we get ready to head to Pizza Expo next week, we’ve been thinking about what a fantastic opportunity it is to check out new pizza and delivery-related products. If you’re looking for ideas to improve operations in your pizzeria, Pizza Expo is a great place to start.

Are you opening a new restaurant, or replacing aging equipment? Ensuring your restaurant equipment is in tip-top shape is a key factor in fine tuning operations.

These are three equipment essentials for any pizza and delivery operation:

Your Oven

Although take and bake concepts may operate without one, the oven is generally the centerpiece of a pizza kitchen.Understanding the types of oven and their functions will be critical in the selection process. The four main types of ovens are: convection, conveyor, deck, and brick. Each oven type is best suited to different pizza making techniques. The best deal on eBay is not such a great deal if the oven doesn’t meet your specific business needs.

There are other considerations in your oven purchase too. Such as an understanding of your product specifications, expected production volume, available floor space and utility hookups in your restaurant. Also the overall costs of running the appliance. Be sure to prepare some key questions for the supplier, based on your operation, in the selection process.


Food storage and safety are paramount in any restaurant. Food costs for cheese, meats and vegetables are frequently on the rise. Protecting your inventory, as well as your customers, is critical.

Have you considered your dough? According to “Dough Doctor” Tom Lehmann in this column from Pizza Today, Dough storage can make or break your operation. In selecting refrigeration for your pizzeria, consider the volume of food you purchase, how quickly you turn around your inventory, and whether you need a walk-in refrigerator or a floor-standing unit. Also assess the energy efficiency and costs associated with maintaining the temperatures required to store your perishables.

Point of Sale System

Choosing a POS requires careful consideration. Almost any system will work for basic order entry. But other important considerations include things like ease of ordering half-and-half and “create your own” items (see how it’s done with SpeedLine in this video). Ensure that the system can handle inventory for pizza. What labor management capabilities do you need—and are they included? Will it handle your coupon and loyalty plans? The tools you need to manage delivery dispatch and online ordering?

Ask about the support available. Does the provider have a call center for live support? Are the technicians certified? And are the installers PCI QIR certified? Read this post from earlier this month: Continuing Care: Does Your POS Vendor Offer After-Sale Services?


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