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Delivery customers place orders in a growing number of ways. While you may not accept orders via text or chat today, you probably receive orders regularly by phone and online—and perhaps through one or more third-party ordering services.

Increasing the efficiency of your order entry process will help you win more delivery business—and increase delivery profit. Improving the speed and accuracy of order entry helps you reduce errors and shrink labor costs for deliveries upfront.

Smart Caller ID and Order History Speed Up Phone Orders

Despite the growing popularity of online ordering, some customers still prefer to call in. An integrated caller ID system at the point of sale can speed up the order-taking process by as much as 50%.

Knowing who is calling, and whether they’ve ordered before, can improve customer service dramatically. With a smart caller ID, when a customer calls, their order history displays in the point of sale system, making it easy for even your newest staff to treat every customer like a regular. It also reduces the risk of incorrect callback numbers and addresses.

Don’t waste time asking for phone numbers and addresses. Simply confirm the information in the system with the customer and get the order on its way. 


Synchronized Pricing Makes Online Ordering More Efficient

It doesn’t matter how great your online ordering site is if your kitchen staff miss online orders, or enter them inaccurately into the point of sale. Missing or delayed online orders are bad for customer service and can drastically slow down your delivery time. And fixing mistakes takes time away from fulfilling orders.

Improve the efficiency of your online ordering site with a POS integration that synchronizes pricing and draws orders automatically into the point of sale. A solution that ensures online prices and coupons always match the POS helps avoid frustration and saves time in the back office.


Streamlining Third Party Ordering Drives Sales with Less Labor

More and more restaurants are leveraging third-party online ordering sites like DoorDash, Eat24, and GrubHub. Even pizzerias with their own delivery fleets are finding these aggregators to be a source of new business.

For your customers, ordering food from a variety of restaurants using the app of their choice is easy—but for restaurants accepting these orders, the logistics haven’t caught up quite yet.

Many restaurant operators find themselves juggling orders coming in on many different tablets. These orders then need to be entered into the POS manually, taking up staff time and risking data entry mistakes.

An integrated solution such as Chowly or ItsaCheckmate sends orders from all these third-party services directly to the point of sale system in the restaurant. This streamlining can cut your labor cost, reduce errors, and save you money.

No matter how your customers are ordering for delivery, make sure you have a system in place to make the process more efficient.



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