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When it comes to pizza delivery, it’s all about impressing your customers with a high quality of service, from beginning to end. Online ordering should be easy and reliable, communication should be clear and friendly, a specialized delivery system should be in place, and food presentation should consistently impress. Offering an exceptional delivery service, every time, builds trust with your customer, making them more likely to order from you again.

With access to modern technology and specialized POS delivery systems, there is no reason why you can’t deliver exceptional service. Not to mention, delivery sales could rise to $365 billion worldwide by 2030, from $35 billion in 2018. The future of food delivery is bright, and you can be a part of it. The following six points will help you provide an outstanding delivery experience for your customers:


1. Accept orders online

Demographics are beginning to shift and the world is changing. People are starting to prefer the convenience of ordering food online. The data is clear—pizza chains have reported an 18% increase in customer spend from online/mobile orders vs. phone orders.

So, offer an easy way for your customers to order your menu online, and make sure those orders are directly integrated with your POS. This will save your staff countless hours manually transferring orders from a tablet into your POS, and eliminate re-entry errors. 


2. Communicate clearly on the phone

Although online ordering has become more prevalent and is growing quickly, phone ordering is still used. Unfortunately, mistakes are more likely to occur over the phone due to human error. Common problems with phone orders include:

  • Inadvertently inputting incorrect orders
  • Misunderstanding the customer
  • Taking precious time from staff during busy dinner rushes
  • Forcing customers to wait on hold

Online ordering solves many of these problems, however your staff should be trained to professionally handle all phone interactions that come in. Train your staff to be polite and friendly with customers and whenever possible, to avoid sounding rushed or impatient.


3. Offer an enticing menu

Create a menu that is clear, concise, and easy to order from. It should convey all the necessary information, including ingredients, price, and quantity of items, to avoid customer confusion or uncertainty. Quality photos will make a big impact as well, and may entice hungry customers to order more. According to research, items that have an image next to them have an average increase of 6.5% in sales, compared to those without.

For tips about creating delicious images for your online ordering website, click here.

Remember: the goal of a menu is to make it easy for customers to order main dishes, and to offer appealing sides that can increase order size. 


4. Use a POS system designed for delivery

Your system should have the ability to assign orders and track deliveries with ease. It is worth taking the time to find a POS system that gives you the ability to: 

  • assign orders to delivery drivers
  • track the delivery from beginning to end
  • assess delivery driver performance
  • use optimized routes
  • automatically calculate ETAs, as accurately as possible
  • export detailed reports to highlight areas for improvement

For more top delivery features to look for, download this checklist.

These features not only help your staff stay updated about the progress of all delivery orders and drivers, but also organizes your process so that the food consistently arrives hot and delicious. Every delivery is an opportunity to impress your customer; the right system will help you do this.


Delivery Features: Download the Guide


5. Deliver exceptional customer service

A memorable customer service experience goes beyond just serving delicious food. For delivery, it is the little things that matter. For example:

a. Food should arrive at the right temperature.

Remind your customer that they are enjoying a freshly prepared meal by:

  • getting delivery orders out the door quickly
  • delivering on time 
  • equipping delivery drivers with insulated food bags

b. Food items should be packaged properly

Presentation is everything! If food arrives spilt and messy, it will look less appealing and therefore less appetizing. Elevate your presentation by:

  • testing packaging techniques before use
  • taking advantage of spill free containers
  • using packaging designed specifically for delivery
  • branding your packaging to increase brand recognition and make it more visually appealing

c. Careful attention should be paid to special requests and food add-ons

The entire ordering experience needs to be easy and straightforward for your customers. If you don’t pay attention to the details and accidentally miss a special request or a food add-on, your customer won’t feel important. To avoid this, train staff to check the following for every order:

  • the appropriate condiments and cutlery are included
  • napkins are provided
  • all reasonable extra food requests have been adhered to (double check!)

d. Delivery drivers should be trained to be the face of your company

Delivery drivers are the face of your company when they arrive at your customer’s doorstep. They should be polite, pleasant, and dressed presentably, with your branding somewhere on their uniform or delivery bag. Your delivery drivers have the ability to leave a good impression in your customers’ minds simply by being courteous and helpful. Hire and train drivers with this in mind.

Audit your delivery service to ensure you’re not missing any important customer service elements. Sometimes it can be as simple as looking at your delivery through your customers’ eyes to see where you can improve. 


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6. Organize delivery procedures 

Responsibilities should be clearly allocated so that nothing gets missed in the delivery process. Think about the following:

  • Who is in charge of bagging orders?
  • Who can answer questions from the kitchen if they arise?
  • Which delivery driver will be taking which order?
  • Who is double checking the order before it leaves the restaurant?
  • Who is responsible for notifying a customer if an order is delayed?

Having an organized routine and allocation of responsibilities will help immensely in avoiding preventable mistakes.


Wow! What an exceptional delivery service!

When your customers are biting into one of your freshly baked speciality pizzas in the comfort of their home, you want them to be thinking, “Wow, that was great service!” and “This pizza is delicious.” right before enjoying another bite. Leaving customers feeling like they had a stellar delivery experience will make them into regulars. And with 34% of consumers saying they spend at least $50 per order when ordering food online, this is good for business. Focus on these six points, and you’ll be well on your way to delivering consistently exceptional service for your customers, and increasing your profits as a result.


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