Customer of the Month - Dagwoods Pizza

flowers from Dagwood's Pizza, our customer of the month

It’s not every day a customer brings you flowers.

The best moment at this year’s Pizza Expo had to be the special delivery of a bright and beautiful bouquet of flowers, accompanied by a thank you letter and this great photo of the high-energy team at Dagwoods.

We couldn’t resist honoring them right back as our Customer of the Month.

More than your average pizza joint, Dagwoods of Santa Monica has delighted local crowd with great pizza, pastas, and more for generations. Owner Edward Han started working at Dagwoods 15 years ago, and has since taken over from his parents, who have retired from the day to day. Their retirement offered new challenges for Han. He has grown the business through hard work,  perfecting the traditional Dagwoods recipes to deliver the best pizza in the area.

One key to success at Dagwoods is the spirited staff: you feel the energy as soon as you walk through the door. Han works closely with General Manager, Cyril Plott, and Director of Marketing and Advertising, Mark Peters. This dynamic trio approaches each day at Dagwoods with the mission of dedication to service, humility, compassion, integrity, and self-discipline, while focusing on bettering the lives of their employees and the community around them.

This commitment to service has meant streamlining their restaurant operations—with some help from their point of sale system. When asked how SpeedLine POS benefits the business, Han’s first response, not surprisingly, also relates to service:

“The customer service at SpeedLine is completely unmatched by anything any other POS company can offer,” Han says. “Any time we need any kind of support, SpeedLine support staff answer the phone with a wonderful greeting, and are always able to resolve any issues immediately.”

Customers at Dagwood's Pizza, our customer of the month

Han also explains that SpeedLine has improved speed of service and driver performance at Dagwoods. He particularly notes the value of SpeedLine LiveMaps visual dispatch system to their business. Some of the key benefits: live map data, driver compensation based on best route in current traffic, and the live digital wall map on a big-screen TV in the restaurant.

“LiveMaps has given even our less experienced drivers the capability of grouping orders properly when necessary,” Han says. “It also provides our customers a more accurate estimate on when their food will arrive.”


Posted on Thu, Mar 31, 2016 @ 08:03 AM.
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