5 Must-Read Articles to Improve Your Restaurant Delivery

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We’ve compiled a list of our top must-read delivery blog posts, targeting different areas of your delivery process, to help you save costs and increase sales.

1. POS Best Practices for Pizza & Delivery

Is your delivery operation as efficient as it could be?

Using a POS system designed for pizza and delivery can help trim delivery costs and take extra pressure off of you.

Start by checking that you have these 7 driver-related settings in your POS system:

  1. Delivery instructions sent to drivers’ phones
  2. Map-based dispatch
  3. Driver fees paid by distance driven
  4. Tip reporting

To see the full list, and to gain more insight into delivery management, read Questions to Ask BEFORE You Purchase a New Restaurant POS System.


2. Use Delivery Data to Understand Your Market

How much do you know about your delivery area and customers? 
What neighborhoods order most frequently? 
Which menu items are most popular?

With the help of the right POS, harness the information you need and get insight into your customers, delivery issues, purchase trends, and marketing initiatives. Learn how you can create an effective delivery strategy with More Profitable Delivery: A 30-Day Plan


3. Delivery Packaging

Packaging products for delivery is not as simple as putting food into a cardboard or foam container. 

By thinking of your packaging as an opportunity to build a brand, increase sales, preserve food quality, and build customer experience, you can take your packaging from adequate to amazing. 

Here are some of the most common delivery packaging methods along with their strengths and weaknesses: A Complete Breakdown of Food Container Options.


4. Delivery Zones

When you deliver a pizza, is it profitable? Are you charging enough to cover gas prices, insurance, and driver labor for each neighborhood you deliver to? 

If not, it might be time to reevaluate your delivery zones and charges. Organizing delivery zones and charges for your restaurant will help you keep ahead of the costs. It will also be important to think about different delivery methods and what might make the most sense for your different zones: Everything You Need to Know About Food Delivery With Bikes & Scooters.


5. Quoted Delivery Times

How often do your deliveries arrive late? Do you get calls from impatient customers still looking for their deliveries half an hour past the expected time? 

Accurate promise times for deliveries can help minimize these calls, and increase customer satisfaction—even when the quoted time is an hour or more. To improve your quoted delivery times, read our Delivery Management eBook.


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