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How does SpeedLine's Cloud Reporting & Analytics simplify and streamline the work of our customers?  Instead of sharing our perspective, we decided to go straight to the source and speak with our customers to find out why they love it:


1. Understand your Data

Accessing your restaurant's data and drawing meaningful insights from it are two very different things. Unfortunately, many POS systems focus on delivering large amounts of data but forget to keep it simple, organized, and easy to gather meaning from. 

“We started with many different POS systems, online ordering systems, and many different platforms to gather the data from - it was a huge time investment to gather even the most top level data. Consolidating much of that data into a single platform has been a huge time saver and allows us to reinvest that time that we save into analysis and planning future technology investments.” - Jacqueline Keena, CTO of Jet’s Pizza

SpeedLine's Analytics dashboards are designed to intuitively lay out the most crucial information to you as a business owner. For example, after you look at gross sales, the dashboard will have relevant data on standby, such as last week's sales, and additional data that could contribute to those results, such as deliveries, more dine-ins, and take-outs.

2. Save Time and Money While Gaining Insight

Companies spend countless hours gathering high-level data without uncovering any meaningful insights. For example, SpeedLine's Analytics function allows you to use the data from prior promotions, sales figures, and other activities to give insight into which items are top sellers, how much product should have been used versus how much was actually used, and even project inventory levels. SpeedLine's Cloud Reporting and Analytics helps consolidate that data into a single platform to save time while allowing you to re-invest that money into other areas of your business.

3. Execute Targeted & Impactful Marketing Campaigns

SpeedLine's Analytics & Reporting allows you to react and capitalize on your most profitable promotions and initiatives in today's market. With Predictive Analytics, you can identify new trends in customer behavior, such as coupon usage, loyalty metrics, and purchase forecasting, and adjust your strategy accordingly to ensure you are getting the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

4. Maintain a Constant Understanding of Your Business

Although you can't be at all of your business’s locations at once, you can keep a finger on the pulse of your stores through key reporting metrics, like sales and delivery times. Quickly identify locations needing guidance without them needing to reach out, and help franchisees improve their sales and operations from anywhere, at anytime.

"SpeedLine's Cloud Reporting and Analytics has given us a whole new view of our business.  In just a few short months we have used the data to re-engineer our menu by promoting better selling higher margin items, and by phasing out slower selling low margin items.  All store data can be accessed from anywhere which saves us time and effort." - David Kenny, Owner of Pizza Pirates

5. Make Data-Driven Business Decisions

Your business faces challenges and opportunities on a daily basis; it's critical that you have the data necessary to make informed decisions. SpeedLine’s Cloud Reporting and Analytics provides real-time data about your business to effectively identify and respond to changes, such as upcoming inventory shortages, abnormally high order voids, or new upselling opportunities.

“We’re constantly tweaking the process and the measures and measuring the conversion rates that we see from them. So something like the SpeedLine Analytics platform can let us see before we make a change, what kind of results we are seeing from those products.” - Jacqueline Keena, CTO of Jet’s Pizza


Performance metrics are crucial to the success of every pizzeria, but how you utilize that data is even more important. Intuitive interfaces, predictive analytics, real-time updates, and integrated systems each play an integral role towards delivering valuable insights that can save your business money, time, and resources.

To get a more in-depth perspective of using SpeedLine’s Cloud Reporting & Analytics from the customer perspective, check out Tech Talk: The Power to Make Sound Decisions

How A Good POS Sytem Improves Pizza Delivery

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