12 of the Weirdest Pizza Toppings Across America

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Brandon is the Marketing Content Specialist for SpeedLine Solutions and is on a personal mission to find the tastiest slice of pizza on Earth. As a proud Canadian, he fully endorses the use of pineapple on pizza and is always ready to debate anyone who thinks otherwise.

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Pizzas, much like people, come in many different forms. While there are more traditional toppings like pepperoni, peppers, and mushrooms, there are also plenty of other toppings that most people would never associate with pizza (and we don't just mean pineapple).

We have scoured the United States to find some of the strangest pizza toppings around. Some of these are a little odd, while others just seem downright crazy. But as peculiar as these toppings might be, they're beloved by a surprising number of Americans. Check out our full list of the 12 weirdest pizza toppings in the U.S.

List of Weird Pizza Toppings

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Posted on Tue, Oct 05, 2021 @ 08:10 AM.
Updated on October 5, 2021 @ 3:30 PM PST.

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